OshoZen King of Water (Cups)

Briar Rose

OshoZen King of Water (Cups) :TKIC

a person surrounded by lotus flowers and healing hands

Don't you just love this card. Best deck for court cards. Very soothing suit.

For some reason, when I stare into the card, the lotus petals change. They become more pronouce.

So, I guess by the meaning of this card, I know that when something that use to tick me off, stops because I am healed. That's interesting as I bounce back and forth. Sometimes I think I am healed, and then one day something starts ticking me off again.

So the book tells us to accept, don't react, and to try it for 24 hours and see what happens. Anyone want to try this?


"accept, but not react"

I'll have to be mindful to give this a go tomorrow. Today would be too easy since I'm not at work, or out and about. Although yesterday I received a text message that really ticked me off...so I guess I wasn't all that accepting of it, lol. I actually had to calm myself down cause I knew it was beginning to brew. I'll try that tomorrow...I'm sure if something happens, I'll have to take some deep breaths.

I work in a beauty shop where the majority of our customers are elderly. The wet set(roller set) is still very popular with this crowd, which is fine. In the past, whenever I get into a class atmosphere for hair, with a roomful of other hairdressers, the moment I mention still doing roller sets...they look at me like I have two heads:D
Well, anyway, many of these clients live alone and I have noticed that a few of them appreciate a nice scalp massage (oil/cream treatments), and say so. Even a gentle pat on the back seems to make a difference to their demeanor...sometimes it's amazing!
So I like this card, in that, there is nothing like the power of touch, and not necessarily physically. It's miraculous how appreciated a smile is or acknowledging one's presence in a room. I really don't think it takes much to share the good feelings within with others and how life affirming that is to all.

Briar Rose

I'm a licensed hairdresser, and I taught it too. Hats off to you for working in a salon such as that. It's okay. I'm not working as one now.

I remember going with my mom and watching her get roller sets, and than having to learn it, and then teach it! I love scalp massages. Good girl!

Recently I've been using my electric hot rollers. I love them.

Acceptance is wonderful. Healing hands.

Briar Rose

oh, the thread...I got off track.

Talk abour learning acceptance. So today I was at the post office and needed some priority tape and the clerk (nasty mean woman) snapped at me and gave me a hard time about it!

I remember the 24 hour plan. At first I felt like I had been wound up like a tight screw... Nothing I can do about *her* -tude.... so I calmed myself and my vibrations down. I felt about 75% healed.

How can I learn to not be taken off guard? Bad sentence. How can I not let someone do that to me, when it comes as a shock each time?


so true, staying atop of first reactions is a toughie!

Hey, great to be in the company of another hairdresser...and an instructor, good on you!!

Alan Ross

This seems to reinforce the message of the Queen. Once again, we have this notion of being headless. Not thinking. Just being. Imagine insulting a stone. Imagine yelling at a diamond and calling it a "stupid piece of carbon!" Is the diamond injured? Nope. It just sits there being a diamond. It cannot be injured because it has no head. It simply is what it is.

We get hurt when we feel we have an ego to defend. No ego, no injury. "...with no head, there is no wound." I like the experiment the book suggests, being non-reactive when someone provokes you. I'd like to take it a step further. I propose that when someone insults you, look straight at them and calmly agree with them. "You're a moron!" "You're right, I can be pretty stupid." "You're a controlling bitch!" "You're right, I can be controlling." See what happens to the drama when you refuse to be defensive.


This card reminds me of reiki and other laying on of hands healing techniques. I am learning reiki at the moment, and the first thing you learn is to get out of your head and release your ego. It helps the one you are working on in that way too.

Judith D

Touch is such a vital part of how we communicate as beings (not just human) and such a dangerous subject these days, with sexual harassment suits and the like. It's one of the reasons I love reiki so much - the opportunity to touch and be touched, and feel the loving energy through touch. I have practised and taught reiki now for quite a few years, and it never ceases to amaze me. This card shows a very close similarity to a balancing technique that I do at the end of a session. The card shows the light, the waves of energy, looking transparent as the subtle bodies of the aura are engaged. And one of the things I love about it and try to instil in students is that you should not just do reiki, you should BE reiki. It's an attitude.
Total acceptance of what is for twenty four hours - quite a goal! It actually joins with something I am trying so hard to do at work at the moment - one of our ladies is having a real anti-me campaign at the moment (in fact she had to bring me something just now and really slammed the door on the way out) and I am not reacting, not snapping back, not commenting, just letting it happen. It takes concentration, but I feel so much better in myself because I can stop the gut-wrenching need to react, to go one better, to get the last word. She unfortunately is like this - goes from one to the other of us, someone in favour, someone not, and it changes all the time. It's her problem, not mine.
Alan - you sound like you have been reading Byron Katie - 'Loving What Is'. It's an amazing book, and shows you how to really see the truth about something (usually a relationship) and accept what really is there, rather than your own projection.


In looking at this card, it reminds me of what I have to do every night before I go to sleep. I have to consciously still my mind, relax my jaw, relax my abdominal muscles, and concentrate for a little while on keeping them that way.

How true what the books says "with the ego, your whole being is a wound" and we carry it around with us everywhere we go, 24/7. Everyone else we meet, everything else we meet, knocks the scab off the wound.

I've been practicing the "just be" thing in my life. Not having to have the last word, not having to have all the answers, just letting things go. It's a much better way to live. I don't do it perfectly, but in my advancing age, I'm doing it better. :)

Judith D

I'm trying again to add in the placement of the card in the suit. He is a king, so the pinnacle of the suit, a ruler, strong, wise, compassionate. In a suit based on water - on emotions, feelings, he can 'just be' and rise above the reactive state. The wounds we lesser mortals carry are healed in him and by him