OshoZen King of Water (Cups)


Judith D said:
I'm trying again to add in the placement of the card in the suit. He is a king, so the pinnacle of the suit, a ruler, strong, wise, compassionate. In a suit based on water - on emotions, feelings, he can 'just be' and rise above the reactive state. The wounds we lesser mortals carry are healed in him and by him
This reminds me about the sacred ability that used to be ascribed to kings in early Medieval Europe - they were said to be able to cure by touching. It was an ability thought to be bestowed by God on his annointed (as a king was said to be).

It's an ability still said to be possessed by the Chief in some African tribes. A friend of mine in Congo, whose brother is the chief of a small tribe in the Kasai, was telling me how his brother will visit his people, and when they are sick, touch them. It is an ability thought to come with wisdom and spiritual connection with the Ancestors.

In one way or another, and in many parts of the world, the connection between kingship and healing through touch is very strong - this card acknowledges it.

I like what you wrote above, Judith - the ruler who is strong, wise and compassionate is also ego-less, and allows the healing power to course through him.

In a reading, we could be be shown such a person, or asked to be more like that, or display that kind of attitude. It might also say that we need to heal ourselves as we heal others, and to take leadership in our lives - in that wise and compassionate way Judith describes.


The kings are the rulers of the mind, as the queens are the heart. The healing aspect of this card reminds me that I am responsible for my own successes in life, including the fitness of self.

Mind over matter --willing oneself to be well-- is what prevails.

I am not saying that I will throw medications out the window, but a positive approach to life is necessary in order to be healthy.


I love the images on this card. I particularly like the way the chakras swirl around the physical body-a reminder that the energy body is not wholly coincident with the physical.

"Everybody is engaged in safeguarding his own wound" is almost exactly like my own mother's saying: "Everyone is watching their own parade."

With no head there is no wound.

I think this card has a deep message for me, but I have no words for it yet.