OshoZen Knight of Rainbows (Pents)


Knight of Rainbows ~Slowing Down~

"...we carry our home with us wherever we go."

You gotta love that:)

IMO everything that is of essence to who we are and what we need, is within.
Interesting how this tortoise looks confident going in any direction, at any pace he so chooses. I guess they all look like that-confident.
Since this is a Rainbow card which is associated with Pents, and this looks like a very earthy fellow...I like his stability and his sense of security.
Being a Taurus I can appreciate those qualities and hope to accentuate them within myself. I do feel myself slowing down, and not really because of age. It's the type of slowing down that comes after a shock, lol. Suddenly what was once important, is no longer. Other more important things come into focus and meditation is helping me in that regard. I'm not saying that I don't care about certain things, but I'm certainly not anxious to please anyone other than myself, first.
I like this Page, he doesn't answer to another, he doesn't cater to another, he feels himself to be true to the core, which seems to be enough.

Judith D

You have indeed 'gotta love that''. It is a wonderful card. We had two tortoises once upon a time, until they were 'removed' from our garden. Napoleon and Wellington were their names, and they just did what they wanted. They moved - slowly, but surely, and just kept going, regally, with purpose, until they got there, wherever 'there' was. You see them in the game parks sometimes, crossing the roads, with a pile of cars waiting for them to be safe. They can stop more cars than a pride of lions!
Slow, but sure. And indeed, carrying their home along too - their safety, their protection.
I am also slowing down, unfortunately. I find it frustrating when my body doesn't do what I want it too and I am forced to take it easy, relax, rest, even sometimes just stop. But I often recognise that my body is just telling me what is necessary. But the enforced slowness has helped me recognise that I need to take responsibility for what I carry, what I am, and that is actually okay. I never thought I would find anything to be grateful for in disease, but it has been the catalyst which made me open my eyes and see something of my own truth, and I am indeed truly grateful. All I really need is indeed already there, inside me, always available, waiting for me to see it and use it. But being our own home, being so complete, can have its downside too - we also carry around the guilt and the anger and the bitterness if we do not recognise it and throw it off. And that can be the carapace that hardens in many people, and hides their true nature from themselves and others. It may be a protection, but it also is an impermeable casing which may stop growth.
This is a knight, and of pentacles, but it is quite funny to compare him to the traditional knights - eager, impulsive, adolescent, on the go. But the knight of pentacles is more of a plodder, protected in his full armour. If his theme is partly dedication to duty, our tortoise will certainly fit that in many respects as he plods along.


Another spectacular card! Look at how the light comes off the tortoise shell. Hard to tell whether it is reflecting...or radiating from within.

This card puts me in mind very strongly of walking meditation, which looks plodding but in fact is--or can be--precise and deliberate. "The essence is at ease."