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Page of Rainbows ~Adventure~

I don't care how big or how small my "adventures" have been, I've always come out feeling refreshed. Even those that caused some hurt, given some time and reflection, I have felt much better aligned.
I remember saying to a friend once....you just never know what's around the corner. Last Spring I remember being at a birthday brunch(for me) with a couple of people and the topic of travel came up. At that time I had not been on a plane for some 7-10 years. In my heart I had thrown away the possibility of travel due to other responsibility. It saddened me, but I really thought I would never travel again, and said so. I also tried to look like I didn't care...sour grapes, you know, lol. A few months after that brunch, I was on a plane. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would fly, it turned out to be a great adventure, and I learned to never say never.

Judith D

Yes, there is something so self-satisfying about daring to undertake even the smallest adventure, isn't there. The fact that you dare, that you decide to go into the unknown, take the risk, take the outcome on trust, and hope for the best. You need to be like that little child, trusting and open to everything, just aiming for that light ahead.
Every new thing, every offer to try something we haven't done before is an adventure - and yet each and every day of our lives is a real adventure too. We don't know what is ahead, we can only take it on trust. To do that we need to remember lots of previous cards - don't have ambitions, don't plan too much, see the open door, don't carry all our weighty past on our backs, know we are really free.
I used to be a real scaredy-cat, unwilling to try anything new 'just in case''; set in my ways. Then a tried a few things - little of themselves but major for me - and it was so exhilarating! Each thing gave me the courage to try something else, and now I've ended up following my heart in a lot of things. I think a lot of it was being worried about how others would see me. I was brought up in a disapproving household with lots of criticism and little praise, and it definitely flattens you for years. Then I discovered that it didn't matter what others thought - not even my family - it only mattered what I thought of myself. How freeing, how exciting!
Now, I see that rainbow of light ahead, and I'm ready to go for it.
This child is a page - young, inexperienced, bringing us a gift or a message. What a perfect fit for this card - a brave innocent child showing us the way. It is rainbows / pentacles, so earthy, grounded, practical too. I think she is off in search of her real self. And that is the greatest adventure of them all.


This card is an absolute exact painting of my oldest grand-daughter I'm raising when she was about three, going down the path to the river we lived on the banks of. Right down to the way the trees looked and how there was a glow coming up from the opening in the trees where the sun shined down on the river. She even had a little dress like that and the same body build and curly hair. I was blown away by that card when I first saw it and I'm still in awe every time I see it.

She would escape from our house in spite of burglar alarms we had installed or any other means we had of seeing to it that she didn't go outside without us. It drove us to distraction, being afraid she'd be kidnapped or go to the river and fall in. I caught her so many times headed off down that river path! I have a little humor attached to the memory now that she's 14 but it was a nightmare till she was several years old. My husband and I slept in shifts and still she'd get away. She started it as soon as she could walk, at about two years of age.

At this point, that's what this card signifies to me. An adventure it certainly was!

I'll make another post as soon as I get back from the day's chores.


I find it interesting that this is the Thread that caught my attention & brought me to this study group.

This card gives me a nostalgic feeling. When John & I first started dating, we went on many an adventure --kayaking in the California mountains & Pacific Ocean, hiking, or just driving. We drove back and forth across the country 1-1/2 times: from Calif. to Fla. on the Ronald Reagan Expressway (Hwy-10).

Lately (& by lately I mean for the past 5 years) we have been looking for a home & working in several different places around Florida: Ft. Myers, Marathon, Key West, Homestead, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami. (I have just talk myself out of a point here!) I just realized that life itself is an adventure. I just have to look at it from a new perspective --that of a child-- to appreciate it.


So, who here has thought about this card, in context with the five of rainbows?

To me, this card is the next stage to the outsider.

Both are children.....both are mesmerised by the light. One has freed hersElf past the constraints of the gate so that she can move toward her destination.

The other is still trying to figure out how to move through to the other side of the gate.

There is curiosity and wonderment in both their hearts.

with love


This is a stunning card. I think purple_scorp is right on the money here. The child in the 5 of Pents has turned her back on the gate, which is confining that watered-down rainbow, and heads out on her own into the unstructured forest, where the intensity of the rainbow awaits.