OshoZen Queen of Rainbows (Pents)


Queen of Rainbows ~Flowering~

This Queen seems a bit more inviting than the RWS Queen of Pents. So much so, that she makes the RWS version look like the Queen of Clouds, lol!

I think there were times when I felt as inviting as this Queen, very confident, very open, no expectations. I like her energy, it doesn't seem to be focused, but it is. Looking upon her makes me think of those rare moments when I'd meet this energy in others. I think there are people out there who have this uncanny ability to "heal" with just their presence. Like they have no clue as to how their energy...just standing or sitting, can change the dynamics of a room and the people in it.
What do you think of this lady?

Judith D

When I look at the queen and the king of rainbows, they look like real hippies - and I find it quite offputting, but more so in the king.
The queen certainly looks like her title of 'flowering''. She sits on her lots flower, surrounded by flowers of every kind. Even her garments are decorated, and the moon disk behind her is translucent to show the flowers behind. The water of the stream is bubbling as it feeds the flowers. Queens show the maturity of their suit, its fruition, its abundance, and the enjoyment of those things. She certainly looks like she is enjoying herself.
I like the contrast black / white in her hair, and the chakra coloured bracelets (out of order, I think, but all there). The green of her garments is presumably for growth, but green and pink are the colours for the heart chakra - love.
She is very like a female buddha, sitting on the lotus, moon disk behind her, legs in half lotus and hands almost in a mudra. She could even be a representation of Tara (Alan, help me here).
She tells me to enjoy life, to give out to others all the sweetness possible, to share, to feel free.
Not so offputting after all


She certainly looks like a hippy, but look at all the stuff. And she is enclosed in a little materialistic bubble.

Flowers are greedy little creatures, very sensual & very sexual. On a snippet form PBS last night, a professor says, "Flowers are all about the sex!" How cool is that?

Look at those chakra bracelets: they are in order, but what are they doing on her wrists? She sits on a lotus but is not in the lotus position. Everything about her screams, "look at me, look at me, look at me (& everybody on the island was somebody from --TV!)" but she averts her gaze.

Yes, there is something troubling about her.


I don't find her troubling, or that she's saying look at me. In fact, I find her quite relaxed and proud of who she is. She kind of reminds me of a woman in her 40's.....at that age, they are comfortable in their own skin. They don't mind that they have a baby belly or curvy hips. It's part of who they are and that's what they want to show everyone. And she is a little bit sexy too! Look at her shirt - it's see-through but that doesn't bother her at all.

There is energy abound - the bubbles and patterns of the swirling water show a great flow of energy. The large ring - a symbol of fertility?

If she is flaunting it, it's not a result of ego....it's a result of coming to know, understand, and appreciate hersElf.

with love


In a funny way this rainbow suit seems to read "backwards" to me. Maybe it's Osho or Ma Deva Padma being antihierarchical?

The Queen is "Flowering", the 9 is "Ripeness," the Ace is "Maturity." I would have put these concepts in order as Flowering, Maturity, Ripeness, or Queen, Ace, 9. Clearly I'm meant to reconsider this ordering of concepts. This suit is challenging preconceptions I didn't know I had.

I see this Queen as inviting and open, open to all. Her compassion and love are indiscriminate. She is a cross between Kwan Yin and Our Lady of Guadaloupe. I don't see her as materialistic. She would give all this "stuff" to you in a heartbeat, knowing that there is an inexhaustible supply of more what that came from.

ETA: I just noticed that that transparent blouse of hers has horoscope symbols all over it.