OshoZen Queen of Water (Cups)

Briar Rose

OshoZen Queen of Water (Cups) :TQC

Lotus flower, with person in background.

"Sahasrara" means thousand fold. The card shows a thousand petaled lotus flower of pure consciousness, the seat of enlightenment or realization (Spanda). Did anyone see my post in spirituality on Spanda?
It's the abode of Shiva,the abstract realm of conception and idea and the mind of the cosmos.

I love this card. To me it means to just relax, and absorb all that is. I can get such a high from doing this. It's when I truly feel , 'out of my mind.'


The path seems relatively clear, as the root of the flower starts at the bottom and works its way up. She works somewhat like the Star in that she is receptive to Universal energies, taking them in and creating something totally new within herself.
I relate this figure with doing yoga. When I first get in there, I lay out my mat and begin to stretch. I feel my muscles a bit tight, then as I go along, everything in my core is warm. By the end of the class I feel myself more flexible than when I started. If I was mad or upset prior to the class starting, after, the anger is gone. I just feel filled with peace.

Judith D

I see the root of the lotus plant situated at the root or base chakra - grounding, instinctual behaviours, creativity as in actual birth. The plant grows up the spine (the lines remind me of the double helix of DNA), like the rising of kundalini energy, right up to the throat chakra, and beyond where the flower blooms. The top section looks almost like a firework display - lights and lines and explosion of energy, started at the very base of her being and developed to the maximum. The energy is both that which feeds her - fills her to enable the growth of the lotus flower, and that which is produced as a result of her total welcoming acceptance of all that life has provided her.

Alan Ross

This is still another card in this deck that has me thinking, "Yep. I need to work on this." I admit I'm occasionally guilty of nodding my head and making appropriate noises during a conversation while thinking of what I'm going to say next. Maybe I would be a better listener If I had a beautiful receptive lotus blossom instead of a head.

I'm reminded of the classic zen story about the university professor who has been invited to have tea with a Zen master. While the Master is serving the tea, the professor goes on and on about his own views of Zen. The Master listens politely while filling the professor's cup with tea. The master keeps pouring until the cup overflows. As tea goes everywhere, the professor cries out "enough! the cup is already full. The tea is overflowing." "Like this cup," the Master calmly responds, "you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?"

"We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak." Epictetus


Clearly I need to do some work here. Everyone else likes this card. I found myself profoundly irked by the commentary associating the feminine with the passive.

"Receptive" I can see as a neutral or positive quality. "Passive" in my little world (Margaritaville? :p ) is a negative quality.

Yeah, this isn't about the card, it's about me <coughs>.

This is a beautiful card to express flow, the notion introduced in the ace of this suit. Good things come and and go out and the Queen does not grasp but accepts their coming and going. This is a Good Thing.