Oswald Wirth Tarot Books in French


I am doing research on influence of the Oswald Wirth deck on the Golden Dawn Tarot and I am trying to track down copies (or photocopies) of the following books in French by Wirth:

Le Livre de Thot: Les 22 Arcanes du Tarot. Paris, 1889.

Introduction a l'etude du Tarot. Paris, 1931.

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Mr. Darcy Küntz



For the Oswald Wirth deck and allied themes I recommend a Japanese historian of Tarot and member of this forum "kenji" who shall appear sooner or later here to make an intelligent and useful comment as he always did. Presently he's exhibiting his idea and collection in his Japanese blog -


it's worth visiting; you can see lots of interesting Wirth deck pictures.


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