This subject came up in another thread. I felt this discussion should have a thread of its own. Who had/has one? Did you ever ask what the name of the spirit who is attached to the board is?

Feel free to share you experiences/communication stories you may have..​


I had one in my teen years. I was given a name of a "spirit" that spoke through it. I won't write the name. I know some people feel comfortable with ouija boards, but I'm not. There was a strange feeling of darkness around when I used it. I wouldn't do it again.


Same here EmpressArwen.. I was a very young girl when I had my experience with the board. A group of my friends and I would sit in my room and ask it questions. Then we all saw a famous William Blatty movie and that was then end of my Ouija board days.. })


I always wanted a board. But, I chose to stay away from it.

I had an ex that was very involved in Quiji. He definitely had attachments in my opinion.

I think just like any other tool. If the user doesn't know how to properly use it, it can cause trouble in ones life.

I think the reason why that ex had 'attachments' is because of his mental state. I don't think he was all together emotionally to allow more positive spirits to come through.

I forgot if he ever got names...but I do know whoever he was speaking to whether a real spirit or just his subconscious....he wasn't the right tool for him to use.

I do know he use to ask the board a lot about me which I got real mad at him about and when I said that is not what I think/feel. He would believe the board over me. Real odd ball...part of the reason I ended that relationship.

Does anyone have a nice hand carved one or just that old school cardboard type?


I have some funny stories involving the Ouija.

As I'm very receptive to spirit contact and have been from an early age, playing with the boards was...an interesting experience.

(I'm also autistic, so my "friends" would pick on me by pushing the planchette to make it say mean things about me. Yay.)

However, there was one time I was playing with one of these so-called friends, when the planchette apparently moved on its own. How do I know? The girl looked at me with wide eyes and blurted out STOP PUSHING IT.

"What?" I replied. "I thought YOU were pushing it!" We ran screaming from the room.

And for all that, the spirit had been perfectly friendly.


DO spiritualist churches ever use spirit boards/Ouiji boards?


My sister gave me a Ouija board as a gift when we were both teenagers. It was one of the simple, cardboard ones that were easily found amongst all of the other board games in the toy store. We never used it until a friend of ours wanted to contact her recently deceased aunt, who had been murdered. Sure enough, the Ouija began spelling the aunt's name, "Frances". My sister and I assumed that our friend had been manipulating the planchette, but for the next few weeks, we kept seeing a shadow figure in our house. Creepy!!!

We never used the Ouija board again, but I kept it until DH and I moved in together. He made it clear that it had to go in the trash, very non-negotiable. He is one hundred per cent supportive of my tarot interests, but Ouija......nope. I don't miss the board.


I had one of the store bought ones. Nothing interesting ever happened, probably because I was the only one that ever used it. For a few years I thought about buying a custom made one of higher quality, but I have been told that I am not allowed to have one in the house, along with other things like pieces of dead humans.

ana luisa

Thank you for bringing the Ouija to the Divination thread :) I also used the Ouija in my teens together with the light as a feather routine. those were crazy years. As I live in Brazil, the cardboard version is not sold so I made my own. I picked a big white piece of cardboard, wrote the alphabet around in a circle and used an inverted virgin glass in the middle as the moving tool.
Experiences ? I liked it then because I was no wise. We had the glass fly out of the board and break. We had smoke forming inside the glass. We had shapes and figures showing to some partiipants. Would I do it again ? Perhaps. But one thing I learned, at least in my case. I should NEVER do it by myself. And it is not a game. It really isn't . You may call someone to your house that you would rather stayed outside...


I would never use one of those darn things, ever. Here in my country, there are far too many anecdotes of silly schoolgirls getting possessed after trying to finish a session incorrectly, and which authorities attribute to mass hysteria.

Just a question. Usually, it is the spirit of deceased person/s that are summoned in Ouija sessions, right? And sometimes, you can even ask these spirits questions about the past, present, or even the future. I guess this is self-explanatory since we are in this sub-forum anyway. In any case, if you ask a dead person these questions, I guess that means that you practice necromancy? I dunno, but I heard that among the different types of divination techniques, this is the most forbidden.

Please don't think I am pre-judging people who use Ouija boards. It would be refreshing to know their or other people's points of view though.