Overly complicated game rules?


Melanchollic said:
This fits in well with Ayumi's Pip/Court Method!


My question is, does this document actually refer to Cups and Coins as the "two red suits", or is this Kaplan's assumption?


We have rules of games given for French suited games; and rules of same games given for Italian.

In comparing rules long suits of the Italian style (swords/batons) follow those of rules to black suits of the French, and short suits (cups/coins) with the red of the French.

Ergo, going by game rules alone:

Long suits (swords/batons) = Black suits (spades/clubs)
Short (cups/coins) = Red suits (hearts/diamonds)

While adopting the French suits the english names of the black suits are based upon the Italian also seem to bear out the relation between long/black:

spade = espade or spade = sword
club = baton