Page of Swords


Robin Wood's "Page of Swords" looks to be a fearless, spunky and determined kind of gal. There's no other Page in the deck who looks to be such a whoosh of energy and action. Referring back to Joan Bunning's recommendation (in her excellent book, "Learning the Tarot") of putting the word "be" in front of a Page's qualities (ie. Joan mentioned the Page of Swords represents, among other things, "Be truthful," and "Be just,"). I'd add, when looking at Robin's Page of Swords: Be fearless, Be exhuberant, and...with that unsheathed sword's steel glinting defiantly as she runs...Be focused!!

The Page of Swords is not one to be told, "STOP!" Or at least this Page may be running so fast she won't hear the command. That said, it is with hope that she's thought out her mission carefully. Once again, being an air card, keen intelligence is her gift, but wisdom may not least not always. And if the person she represents in a spread (be it the querent or someone in the querent's life...gender and age aside...'cause after all, older folks CAN be younger at heart than some youth) is impulsive to begin with, that sharp sword she's holding (which is bloody hard to ignore) should be a wake-up call to be sure to look at things from all sides and take time to really think out what kind of outcome could come from such decisive actions.

Still, I love the exuberance portrayed by the Page of Swords. That beautiful, flowing hair is so lovely. It's almost as if she's flying...which is why I particularly like her winged shoes. One would never have to worry that a gal like this won't tell you what's on her mind. And I'm guessing she's generally optimistic and generally free from moodiness. She's not one to be caged, however. If her card came up in a reading, depending on the spread and question asked, I might wonder if it could be a sign that someone desperately craves freedom and needs to spread their wings.

I'm so glad that Robin pointed out in her book how the birds in the sky form a lemniscate pattern. Robin wrote, "...there is no end to the freedom that the search for knowledge can bring. In her headlong pursuit of truth, she finds mastery." Nice!


I kept getting this card when doing readings about a guy I used to know... this and 3/S, to a lesser extent. I took it to mean I'd done something to really hurt him (*not* intentionally!) and that he's been "spying" on me (via the internet) since then. It's a little weird to contemplate, but I can't do much about it, and he's hundreds of miles away in any event.