pages and knights


twenty~one posted in the History thread about the "confusion of the pages and knights."

I used the pages as messages & drew an extra card to see what kind of message may be coming.

I used the knights as that element moving into or making a change in your life.
e.g. if knight of cups were drawn a message would come that would emotionally effect you.

Now after reading the History thread I have a different idea of the pages & knights.

Which of the RWS do you use for a messenger or a message?
How do you use these two cards?
Thanks for any replies.


For those who may be interested to read the discussion ros refers to in the Historical Forum, it is here:

I will be curious to read the responses in this thread and see how the RWCS students view the Pages and the Knights in the 21st Century.



i see all the courts as various personalities, various things that people do, and who they are. archetypically, they represent stereotypes of people. the quiet, shy youth. the large bodied mother figure. the slut. for example.
pages generally represent the young
knights are usually late teens to college years
there are exceptions though. due mainly to the fact that any person can be anyone or three of these at once. so, when some one is talking, they are the page of wands. if they are complaining, its reversed.
when someone is observing something that is happening, they are the page of swords. just like when they are spying or eaves dropping, it is reversed.
the thing to remember is all is not what it seems, and the cards depicting the actions of the courts in question, should help determine the true form of the card.
so, someone who acts like a page of cups in public could be a page of swords when with his friends. or a king of wands in public could even actually be a king of pentacles reversed in private.
a king of wands is the best friend-advisor stereotype, and the king of pentacles is the dirty old man stereotype. so tarot may be showing you one court, as you perceive him, and another court as the person he really is.
this is just my veiw on the courts, hope its what you were looking for~A~


Good question to pose for discussion since initially I wondered the same but now....

I don't necessarily see either one as "having to be" the messenger...sometimes, I see the court cards as other people, sometimes as the some readings, the knights are energetically charging into a new situation....depending upon the suit...Messengers can appear as an element of any card...for me, it just depends....

I chose myself as Page of Swords after Merc drew that card for me in the Dream Circle...It embodies for me, who I am at this point in my life...I am 61, have led a fairly "intellectual" life in my careers...emotional as well...and I am "new"..(a "child" to Tarot)
so the energy and enthusiasm of a bright child embarking on a new endeavor is how I see the Page of Swords....that card kept coming up for me so I adopted it as a body I wear when I read...

So, the messenger meaning for me has to "come up" when it does.....



Pages are often seen as 'messages', I am not sure where this originated from.

I read them as children, or perhaps someones behaviour in the situation...

Knights I read as adolescents (sometimes) but mainly as the energy of the situation.

Think about it: someone gets the Knight of Swords and if you think of swords being associated with Air and the mental, where do you think their energy is placed? Do they need grounding? Is there too much thinking going on? Do they need to trust>

Just my little bit to add....



hmmmmmmmmm, I have been taught that the Pages are messengers and also signify new beginnings or new stages of the element of the suit; I only sometimes see them as representing actual young persons, either male or female.

I was taught that the Knights embody the extremes of positive and negative attributes of the suit and generally on an energetic level. Therefore the Knight of Cups might mean emotional sensitivity but could also mean someone who is overly sentimental or maudlin. The Knight of Wands might mean highly energetic, creative, inspiring but might also mean reckless or headstrong, etc.



i see the courts personalities as like lines on a graph. one person has all these qualities, yet some court lines are stronger than others. so, a natural king of swords. will have more of that courts "energy"
yes, the pages are messengers but more along the lines that they openly communicate with us the desires of the person or persons in question. so, the page of wands wants acceptance because he is trying to be heard. the page of pentacles seeks comfort. the page of cups seeks....
and the page of swords seeks glory.
knights are states of being for people. if you enter, your a knight of cups. if you leave, your reversed. if you are moving, your a knight of wands. if you are abesent, you are reversed.
i hope you will be the king of pentacles when you read this, and the entire forum is my king of wands.