Pages from Robin Wood Tarot


I've had a look around and can't find anything relating to this particular subject.

The four Pages all have something tied to their belts. Being a beginner I don't know the meanings well so for example I don't understand why the page of cups has a paint pallette attatched.

I will be getting the book that she wrote to go with the deck at some point but money is an issue right now. So if anyone could shed some light...


According to her large book, Robin Wood also had trouble remembering what the Pages represented so she put things on their belts to remind her.

The Page of Pentacles has a book because she's involved with studying and learning. It's an old looking book because the Page is a little old fashioned.

The Page of Swords has a spyglass, standing for both vision turned inwards and sharp attention turned outward. It's a reminder of spying and secrets revealed.

The Page of Wands has a string of firecrackers because she's a little explosive at times. AND she likes a bang up fun times and celebrations.

The Page of Cups has a painters pallette to stand for artistic accomplishments and temperment. The seven blobs of paint cover the entire color wheel plus white, so with those all color combinations are possible, making the artistic possibilies endless.


thanks HG that makes soooo much sense now