Papus Le Tarot Divinatoire


~ snip ~ I wonder how the coloring of this edition compares to the Dusserre edition of this Papus Tarot.

I located some images online of the Dusserre Papus deck and have made a slide show with the originals that were scanned from the book like the one pictured on the link to Tarotflexions. The first ima is the original that I worked from, the next one is the Dusserre one I found online, the third is from a poker size version I am thinking of printing and the fourth is my tarot-size color version.

When I made my color version of the deck I had not seen the Dusserre version, nor the colored version on Tarotflexions. I found it interesting that in the original line drawings from the book, some of the figures were unclothed but in the Dusserre edition the figures had clothes where the originals did not. Also, the Dusserre has an abundance of purple in the colors.

Another thing about the originals. The central images were all different sizes. The Dusserre deck uses the images as-is. I did size them so they were uniform in size.