Papus Tarot - Full deck/History?


Papus Tarot (1889) - Full deck/History?

1. Tarot of Bohemians full text by Papus:

The original text is said to have been illustrated with designs similar to the out-of-print U.S. Games Papus Tarot release...which was a joint release in English from U.S. Games and Agedis of Paris in 1982, (French original design under Oliver Stephanie in 1981 by Agedis).

I have recently finally picked this deck up.

2. U.S. Games version of the deck:

While I page through Tarot of the Bohemians, English version, with the Marseilles deck, I was thinking the original text in French supposedly with the above deck's illustrations, would have looked beautiful and unusual in line drawings.

I think the Tarot of Bohemians is interesting for reference, but I think the original "Papus: pictures actually are different art deco-ish style that would make the whole book seem more striking to me--especially if the spread examples were using this deck.

Any insights? Comments?

I'm curious if anyone uses the Papus deck for any related old-style experiments...I was going to experiment with layouts for this colorful design and also use a Swiss Marseilles (1804) to see which I like better...

Edited above for clarity and better links: also update: The Divinatory Tarot by Papus is being published in English by Aeon Publishing...I ordered a copy via I don't know if there are illustrations, but I'm eager to read Papus more 'mature' tarot ideas and text in English!

I also see SuperTarot (reference from Tarotpedia) had a great article on Papus' influence in tarot designs:

I'm reviving this thread with hopes of updates, comments, ideas...and hopefully the links and news are helpful!



I have read that The Tarot of the Bohemians was illustrated
with blueprint-style line drawings of Oswald Wirth's majors,
and the Marseille minors.