Patronus Spread (4) Harry Potter Saga


The Patronus enchantment is a protective spell from the Harry Potter Universe. It projects an ethereal animal that defends us from Dark Magic. Have you ever wondered how your Patronus would have been? With this spread you'll be able to know it. It will give you information about its personality and the influence that has made on you.


1) The Protector: Personification of our defender. You can use a court card to represent it if you wish.
2) Strength: Strong points of our protector. What he/she uses against our threats.
3) Weakness: Weak points of our defender. What he/she can't fight against.
4) Influence: How has the patronus influenced in ourselves and our lives.

I suggest using an animal themed deck for this spread because the Patronus is always represented by a creature.

I hope you enjoy doing this spread and I would be glad to read about your experience! :)