Paul Klee jumbo oracle deck


Hey everyone! I'm here to announce my upcoming Paul Klee Oracle deck! If everything goes according to plan, the deck will have 42 jumbo, borderless, linen-textured cards printed through The Game Crafter. The deck is expected to cost $17 USD, which will hopefully keep the price reasonable for many people even with TGC's notorious shipping charges. I have decided not to include a box for the deck to keep the price down (and in my experience TGC's regular tuck-boxes aren't that great anyway). If this is a dealbreaker for anyone, please let me know and I can always make a version including the box.

I am about 80% done with everything so the deck should be coming out in the next couple of weeks. Here's a sneak preview!

Hopefully this piques some people's interest!

EDIT: It's finished!


Oh, this is extremely cool!


Oh, I like!


My interest is piqued! Drawn by the artwork plus... jumbo, borderless, linen-textured.....the ultimate trifecta! The lack of a tuck-box is not a deal breaker for me because, yes, TGF's boxes tend to be crappy.


Looks wonderful! Am looking forward to it coming out.


Thanks for the kind words :) Right now the cards are finished, I am simply waiting for the test deck to be shipped to my house and I'm about halfway through writing the guide. It'll be only be a few sentences per card since I'm no great writer, but hopefully it will provide a good jumping-off point for some of the more abstract cards. I'll keep you guys posted once I get the deck in the mail.


I have received my proof deck! The colors and images look great. After a couple of adjustments it will be perfect. The cardstock is as good as it's going to get from The Gamecrafter. I can't lie, it *is* thin. Because of this I've also enabled UV-coating along with the linen texture so that they'll feel as good as possible and be as sturdy as possible. If you HATE thin cards then this might not be the deck for you, but hopefully it'll be alright otherwise. I'll post some pics soon!


looking forward to this deck coming out.


I've ordered it. Looking forward to getting it.