Paulina Tarot Study Group


Greetings! This is for anyone and everyone who would like to discuss the whimsical and intricate beauty and meanings of the cards in the Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy. I thought we might start out with going through the entire majors and then decide from there where to go next! Please feel free to jump in at any time! The more the merrier! This deck has a lot of depth for all to enjoy and share their musings!

Onward, through the Fool's Journey!

Owl Song

I'm so glad you've gotten this started, HearthCricket.

I've been following the Paulina Tarot since I first saw the scans. It's a beautiful, magical deck. I think, unfortunately, it's a deck that may get passed over by a lot of people who might think it's mere fluff because it is so pretty. But it's certainly not an empty pretty. I like the Tarot Garden description of the deck as being a "gentle deck with nevertheless a lot to say."

I've found it to be very readable, very much in the RWS tradition. The cards have an incredible amount of detail. I find myself getting lost in them. At work when I'm not even looking at them, their images will flash before my mind.

The deck feels very special to me personally as I've always loved fairy tales and these cards have a definite fairy tale feel. The colors are muted and yet at the same time they're vibrant. I love the way the artist uses color in the deck; the colors seem to aptly reflect the mood or atmosphere of a particular card.

I think that there is a great deal to study, appreciate, and reflect over. Thanks for starting us up and I look forward to participating!! :)


I've just received this deck and its intricacy has blown me away!
I originally did an advanced search to see if anyone could offer any advice about it and found this study group, so I’m really pleased someone has found it and loves it as much as I do :D
Sarah x


Probably been about a year since anyone has done much in this group by the looks of it, but I'd like to conversate on Paulina's whimsy too.


I recently got the Paulina and would love to discuss it with people.


I have had Paulina Tarot for a while and have always admired it but found it very hard to read... I would love to join this group


This is my deck of the week, so I thought that I would try to contribute a few cards to this group. It would be nice to get involved with one, one day, that's in full swing. :) I was too shy when the DruidCraft group was busy.


Just received this deck for my birthday and would love so aid and second opinions diving further in!


I bought this deck yesterday! I have the Joie de Vivre and it is my primary deck. I like how it's very light and open, and I was thinking that the Paulina would be a tad more mysterious and even a little dark- but after doing a few readings, I've found it to be very blunt! Has anyone else had this experience?