PCS signature irregularities...?


Ok, I just noticed this...

There's been a lot of discussion as to The Fool not having a signature...Ok. For the first time though, I noticed that 3 other cards have some, er, irregularities regarding the signature. In every single card, except these three, her little sigil/signature is near the bottom right corner.
The 10 of Pentacles though has it top and center, in a border that doesn't appear in any other minor arcana card. The Hierophant and the 9 of Swords has it on the bottom, but they're just to the right and left of center. Is this just an unremarkable oddity, or have I been missing something ?

Thanks !!


If you've come up with any ideas about this I'd be interested to hear them.

All I can figure is she just did it to keep things interesting. Back then they weren't as hung-up on perfect uniformity. Today's emphasis on standardization seems to suck the life out of a lot of things, though it does have certain advantages.


And, if you look at the PCS sibilant on the Albano deck, you'll see how it was deliberately corrupted.