Pearls of Wisdom: 2, 3, and 4 of Swords

Rede Seeker

This is a follow-on to the current 3 of Swords post.

When I lay the 2, 3, and 4 together I get a story of conflict, resolution by severing an emotional connection, then separation from society for guidance (feels like a vision quest-like experience).

1. On the 2 of Swords, one figure is bearded, therefore male. Is the other female? The garment could be a skirt or a kilt and the lack of a beard doesn't necessarily mean female. The weaponry (shield and sword) in the foreground indicated equality. The chess pieces (both knights) say the same. Odd that the main characters are standing on a plank (like a teeter-totter) on what could be a chess board. They appear to represent Day and Night and are shown in balance. I'm not sure what to make of the white sworl that starts beneath the plank they are standing on and continues to the point of their swords.

2. On the 3 of Swords the bearded character makes an end of the conflict. (see the 3 of Swords posting for more analysis).

3. On the 4 of Swords - is that the same bearded man from the 2 and 3 of Swords? He is sitting alone in the wilderness, a bed roll and banner nearby. Day is dawning or ending; birds coming from or going to their nests. What interests me is that the four swords surround him and form the Rune Ingwaz, the Rune of containment and gestation useful in creating a boundary so whatever is within is protected while it comes to full form and flavor. The arch on the border contains Wunjo (Joy/Fellowship), Gebo (Gift), Isa (Ice), and Perthro (Luck). The formula could be interpreted as a call to the Spriits of that place, that he comes freely for communion with them; he has released expectations of what is to come and trusts his Luck to see him through it. The man, presumeable a knight based on the nearby helmet has separated himself from society for a reason and judging from the length of his hair and beard, he's been waiting a while. The blue sworling sphere in the lower right corner has me stumped.

When read together, the story the conflict in the 2 of swords is a clash of ideas that have been held in balance. In the 3 of swords, a decision is made that ends the emotional connection to the old ways. In the 4 of swords, the man seeks guidance on what form this new way will take. In the 5 of swords he meets with opposition - that looks very much like himself...but that's a thread to develop on another day. This one is long enough.

6 Haunted Days

I saw this too Rede! I will (and was) write more, especially on the 4 of swords. These cards laid out do tell a story, I think up to the 7 of Swords perhaps?

I was thinking the 2 people in the 2,5 and 6 could maybe be aspects of ourselves and not necessarily 2 seperate people. I've often read 5 of Swords as both (or 3 if there is more) as being different parts of psyche, shadow or personality. Then though in the 8 and 9 it switches to a female.