Pearls of Wisdom - Court of Swords

Rede Seeker

The story thus far:

Page of Swords - an earnest young person, connected with Nature and who redes Her well. He is called to service, but the sword is to big for him to wield. Undaunted, he grasps his dagger - it will do for now. In time, he will grow into the sword he was given to wield.

Knight of Swords - our young person has grown. The sword now fits his hand and he is able to wield it. But where is his/her connection with Nature? He/she has ridden to the edge, a churning sea is before him/her. He/she pierces a cloud and receives lightning. Our young person is no longer clothed in fabric that Nature's elements can penetrate. He/she is encased in armor. He/she rides a spirited horse, they form a partnership for travel upon the world.

The Page's world is bordered with Nature's gifts (crystals, flowers, branches). There is space for more - he has room to grow.

The Knight's world is bordered with stuff. Nature is represented by the training vines. Most of the border ornamentation is not Nature-made but created by Man - the crystal horse head, the banner, shield and helmet.

It would seem that the pendulum has swung far from the innocence of the Page. But perhaps not. The Knight's might is needed in the world. The Man-made items ornamenting his/her world are the tools of his/her trade. Nature hasn't abandoned the Knight, the clouds respond to his/her sword; the ivy twines itself freely between the Man-made items. The Page had the blessing of the Sun; the Knight has the blessing of the Moon. The Knight's profession lacks the constancy of the Page's. There are trials and rewards (waxing and waning of the Moon). At the moment, the Knight is at his/her height of power.

Queen of Swords - how distant she is. Her dais is approachable, but you have to step up to it. The way is carpeted, but also strewn with flowers that were left behind. Our Queen has paid a price for her royalty. Still, she surrounds herself with good things - wisdom, both man-made and Natural (books and crystal); prosperity (fruit bowl and seasonal banners flanking her throne). Her sword looks awkward in that setting. She holds it arrrow-straight upright. Absolute impartiality - the Law as Law, yet, she continues under the blessing of Mani Full-Bright (full moon). Her wisdom has a connection with Nature's tides. Is she squinting? She takes a hard, close look at all who come before her. Are they worthy of her aid? She paid a price for her position - are we willing to do the same?

King of Swords - he accepts us at his own level. While there is equality in that, his sword is angled - his Justice is tempered, as it should be for a King with subjects to care for. Sometimes individual Justice must be eased for the good of the community/kingdom. Our King retains a connection with Mani Full-Bright, but in His Harvest King aspect (golden Harvest-Moon in the window). The King of Swords sits comfortably on his throne, but he would sit as comfortably outside - his clothes are simple and his boots were made for walking and riding. His ice-blue eyes look into us as much as they look at us.

The Queen and King live in worlds bordered rather simply. Nature is represented in both as the trailing ivy and fruit. The tokens of their authority are represented - sword and crown. Her sword has its point up - she just can't let Justice rest. His is point down, but the accompanying crystal is point up. He can let Justice relax if there is another, more primal law involved (the upward pointing crystal). Nature's high-points come first, than Man's laws. The Queen also honor's Nature's laws, but she shapes them to fit the situation (gemstone in her hand, lack of a gemstone at the border of the Queen's card).