Pearls of Wisdom - Five of Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles

Rede Seeker

As I look at the Fives of the Minor Arcana laid side-by-side I see a turning point for each suit. Action is stalled but the potential exists for a nudge to set things into motion again.

Five of Pentacles - the 'nudge' is in the form of compassion and an offering of support to the sorrowing.

Five of Swords - the 'nudge' is an internal thing; a person at war within himself must choose. Clearly it could go either way - the submissive one holds the Pearls of Wisdom but the standing man controls the outward tool/symbol of the Suit of Swords.

Five of Cups - the 'nudge' becomes harder because there is no conscious presence to give it - no compassionate friend or 'evil twin'. There is only Nature and Her generosity. Is it enough to draw back the hood that half obscures the grieving woman's vision?

Five of Wands - perhaps 'anit-nudge' would be the correct keyword here for restoring order. There is manic activity, everyone doing reasonably well on their own but not necessarily accomplishing anything. The need here is to unite the five and turn their energies together towards a common goal.

The Five of Pentacles and Five of Swords occur during a dark night - perhaps referring to St. John of the Cross' 'Dark Night of the Soul'.

The Five of Wands occurs in the 'tween times' - either twilight or dawn - a time of Magick when great changes can occur.

The Five of Cups occurs in full daylight. The richness of the grieving woman's surroundings are lost on her.