Pearls of Wisdom - Four of Pentacles

Rede Seeker

I see a fair-haired Saxon Sun-King, crowned and robed in golden highlights.

Central to this card is a full-grown, mature man wearing a golden crown and outlined in a gold-and-green aura. The aura flows over him but does not disturb the red cape he wears. This cape also seems to flow about him. Life blood/vitality-Wealth-Nature are all part of his attire. So why doesn't he look happy? His hair is well groomed and adorned with pearls. It hangs, tamed, about him. The wind-blown locks of the Two, Three, and Six of Pentacles are missing here. Perhaps this man's crown weighs too heavily upon him.

There is a golden pentacle in his crown (fed by the Sun, Herself), right hand and heart, and at both feet. These pentacles cover his crown, heart, and root chakras, respectively. Most of the energy-inlets into him are warded by wealth - but the heart chakra feeds from the heart and both palm - there is one unguarded gateway.

There is what looks to be a book held in his left hand. A closer look reveals it to be a compass. The golden equidistant cross on it's cover seems incompatible with the five-pointed stars that cover his chakras. consider, however that the equidistant cross also has five points - four that form the orbit, one that forms the axis, seen in plane-view.

The compass has a fob made of three pearls and a green tassle. We've seen this before in the Hermit, though the strand of pearls is longer - indicative of the Hermit's greater experience.

Our wealthy man seeks direction - a way to re-form his wealth from a two-dimensional five-pointed star to a three-dimensional five-pointed shape. His needs are met, he seeks a new outlet and purpose for his good fortune.

The Rune Fehu is marked on the left-hand column; Jera on the right.
Fehu = first Aettir, first Rune = 1 = 'Sending' energy, fire and passion
Jera = second Aettir, fourth Rune = 12 = Harvest, fertility, actions in accord with Nature
Fehu + Jera = 1 + 12 = 13 = Eihwaz = Axis, initiation, Life/Death issues

Most intersting here is that Jera is the orbit of the year, Nature and Her processes; Eihwaz is the Axis that pierces Nature, the intersection of orbit and axis is Midgard, this matchless Earth. Check the symbolism of the equidistant cross - orbit and axis represented in plane-view. Our wealthy man has all that Life can offer yet feels there is more to be had...but only if he re-thinks his concept of wealth. The Old English Rune Poem for Fehu goes like this:

'Wealth is a comfort
To everybody
Although every man ought
To deal it out freely
If he wants to get approval
From the lord.'

Old Norse Rune Rhyme:

'Wealth causes strife among kinsmen;
the wolf grows up in the woods.'

Horded wealth has a place, in times of Want and Need it provides for the Folk. Horded wealth can also be toxic.

Notice the ornaments in the upper corners of this card. Five golden coins, but notice which is central to them.

There is a 'vibe' of yearning - our wealthy man senses something more is out there. He is about to step off Life's orbit (Jera) and preceive what is above and below (Eihwaz).

The Five of Pentacles represents what is below - the Need of another; and what is above - the person who is consoling her.