Pearls of Wisdom - Judgement

Rede Seeker

Transformation-Transformation-Transformation. Before Journey's End (The World) comes the epiphany - new awareness, release of attachments that no longer serve a purpose, and rebirth.

Top Center of this card is the full moon, pearl-like in the night sky. This moon is surrounded with halos of light, like ripples as a pebble is dropped into water - our Pearl-Moon is dropped into the Sea of Night and there is a tangible effect.

The ripples of light cross an evergreen tree and are broken into what looks to be a meteor shower - another harbinger of significant events marked in the night sky. Three golden stars look down as witnesses.

A woman in full regalia seems to float above the scene. She wears a pearl crown, earrings, and necklace. Her full hair flows freely about her shoulders. There is an eye where her Third-Eye Chakra whould be. She wears a purple garment. Her feet are bare. She holds a bouquet of flowers in one hand and is tossing it from the other.

At this lady's feet are four composite images of a naked woman, watermelon-pink (similar to the lady in the Ace of Cups). A spiral of energy connects the woman with this pink-lady. The composite images could be falling away from the woman or rising to meet her depending on which way the spiral is turning.

The pink-lady nearest to the woman wears a headdress similar to the crown the woman wears, a pearl necklace, and an eye at ther Third-Eye Chakra. This pink-lady's expression is indeterminant - she looks like someone who is waking from a dream but not sure that she is awake yet. The other images of the pink lady are completely naked with expressions of approaching sleep - or awakening depending again on which way the spiral is turning.

The bouquet of flowers has fallen apart - individual flowers float over the pink-ladies.

The background colors are shades of blue turning to purple. At the base is a saw-tooth pattern resembling multiple mountain peaks. It could also be a bed for the pink-lady to rest upon - the peaks could be soft, like a memory-foam mattress.

Below the saw-tooth pattern are three candles in the form of a woman's torso. All three are lit and burn brightly and evenly. There are pink flowers resting between them. Larger versions of these candles appear at the top corners and lower left-hand corner of this card.

The left-hand column contains a bracket with a pearl necklace handing from it. There is a white flower (maybe a poppy) on the right-hand column. An intact bouquet of flowers rests in the right-hand corner.

The Rune Perthro is makred on the left-hand column; Berkano on the right.

Perthro = Second Aettir, sixth Rune = Evolutionary Change, Luck
Berkano = Third Aettir, second Rune = Birth, Concealment, Birth-Life-Death Cycle
Perthro + Berkano = 14 + 18 = 32 = 3 + 2 = 5 = Raidho = Rune of Right Movement, Ritual, and Journey

Clearly, Judgement is a card of Transformation and renewal on a Cosmic scale. The woman could represent the pink-lady's Higher Self, or Guardian Spirit overseeing the evolution process. The evergreen symbolizing life even in the bleakest of seasons. The meteor shower-like lights behind it reinforce the Cosmic scale concept as does the Pearl-like moon. The Runes Perthro, Berkano, and Raidho indicate releasing expectations and taking a leap of faith(Perthro) and invoking a complete cycle of change (Berkano) guided/tempered by a sense of 'rightness' (Raidho and Berkano) that the time is now.

Quoting from 'Tarot and the Journey of the Hero' by Hajo Banzhaf:

Keywords for Judgement
Archetype: The wonder of transformation
Task: Redemption, liberation
Goal: Healing
Risk: Failing as a cheat
Feeling in Life: Freeing oneself and feeling redeemed, finding peace of mind