pearls of Wisdom - King of Wands


The King of Wands sits in his throne looking straight out of the card at the reader.
His feet are firmly planted on the ground and he holds a wand tipped with a large crystal sphere in his left hand and an orange flame in his right.
His left hand and the wand are raised above his head and the sphere of crystal seems to glow with energy.
His right hand and the fire are held close to his body.
He wears a flame coloured shirt and he's surrounded by sunflowers.
Beside his throne to the left is a golden sconce with a flame in it and to his left is the wand wrapped in pearls and a red ribbon and tipped with it's huge crystal sphere.

This guy looks so dynamic.
He is passionate and fiery as are all the Wands Court yet he is also the most mature of all of the Court. He has learned to control his passion and his temper; he holds his fire in his hand.
He directs his energy outwards into the world with the help of his crystal wand; the crystal focuses his energies just where he wants them to be.
He's goal oriented and ambitious as well as being successful and charismatic, a born leader, a showman and someone who can easily command the attention of others.
The sunflowers, as well as symbolising the fire of his suit also speak of loyalty. They turn their heads to follow the sun as it makes it's way across the sky.

Rede Seeker

The Wind in his Hair....

...and the smile...he's enjoying himself even though he is stationary on his throne. The throne position has the King looking from right to left; his left hand holds the wand/scepter of his authority held near his crown and his right hand cups active flame close to his belly. He has the passion to make things happen and connection to creative energies needed for vision - the best outlet for those energies. Pearls are wrapped around his scepter and it looks like another string of Pearls are attached to his mantle so it doesn't slide off his shoulders.

There is flaming energy all around him and verdent greenery, too. Anyone remember the symbolism of green and gold? I'm remembering the golden sun and green earth in harmony. But there's something else...I think I read about it when I read 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight'.

Greenery, Pearls, a red ribbon are all wrapped around the wand on the border of the card. Not tightly wrapped so they choke each other, but twined like lovers with the wand as the central core.

6 Haunted Days

I'm not good with indentifying herbs...above his head is that rosemary? Thyme? Lavender? Something else?

The King of Wands is always my least favourite king in any deck. What I like most about this card is the images of sunflowers. The way they're drawn they look so inviting, warm and happy. I also like the large brilliantly illuminating crystal wand he holds above his head.


This is my card for today, and I don't have much to add to your excellent descriptions!

The green above his head could be rosemary, but I tend to think of it as an evergreen; spruce, fir, that sort of thing.
Could it be the same as the little tree that's growing behind him, to the left?
But rosemary is the herb that has those same needle-like leaves.
'Rosemary, that's for memory.'
(Evergreens, no doubt, also have significance; longevity? Loyalty?)

Oh, and there's another green woman in the landscape behind him!
There are really a lot of those in this deck, I love them.

His boots look very strong and solid, very practical - this does not look like a king who spends a lot of time on his throne, I think he is out and about often, talking to people, taking care of things.
Are those spurs on his heels? I bet he loves to ride, a beautiful stallion perhaps!

He wears gold bracelets on both his wrists, and a ring on his left hand, making me think he's a little vain perhaps, pays a lot of attention to the way he looks; or perhaps (I've been reading a lot of the Dresden Files books lately, about a wizard: great fun!) they're repositories of his power somehow.

Rede Seeker

The bracelets

The bracelets are different, though both are golden. One has a scribed pattern, the other looks twisted.

The glowing crystal in his wand, looks like the full moon when held overhead.