Pearls of Wisdom - Knight of Wands

Rede Seeker

The Knight, of whatever Suit, is out in the world, proving him/herself. The Knight of Wands takes this to a higher level than Cups, Pentacles, or Swords; the Knight of Wands loves the Adventure for it's own sake. This Knight will take risks the others would not. In the Knight of Wands card, we see that risk-taking as our mounted Knight leaps over a chasm with a rushing river below. There is a rainbow at the lower end of that river, perhaps near a waterfall. Our Knight doesn't see it - his eyes are straight ahead, the path lit by his shining pearl-topped wand. His horse is oblivious to the rainbow below - Adventure has a companion willing to carry the Knight wherever he/she wants to go.

The mounted Knight, chasm, and river are central to this card. The mounted Knight is not running along a beaten path. The ground beneath his horse's feed is thick with verdent grass; the opposite side of the chasm is equally green and growing and devoid of any indication/pathway of which direction to take.

The rainbow and waterfall appear in the lower right-hand corner. Across from it in the lower left-hand corner is a blazing campfire. There is green grass all around the campfire, but the Knight or whoever built it set a boundary of large stones to separate the vulnerable grasslands from the fire. The flame burns freely in the space alotted to it, it's light flickers on the grass but does not kindle it. Here, we see control and responsibility.

The sky is filled with ribbons of color - yellow, orange, red, blue, green, purple. A pine tree grows on the left side, a sun in the upper center, a bird (eagle or hawk) flies between them.

There are pine boughs in the upper corners of the card. A wand with shining pearl top, wrapped with pearls and a gold/straw ribbon resting on the left column. The wand shaft is alive - green leaves are visible. There is a burning torch resting against the right column. The Knight's helmet rests beneath it.

What strikes me as interesting here is that the sun, while present and golden, does not shed it's light on the scene. That light comes from the pearl at the wand's tip. That's the light our Knight follows, not the light of Nature's blessing, but another light, it's source unknown. This can make the Knight difficult to manage because he follows his own light. This can also make him a valuable asset because he isn't bound by Nature the way his fellow Knights are.

Another interesting point is that all five elements are represented:
Air - the soaring bird
Water - the rushing river
Earth - the chasm
Fire - the campfire
Spirit - the rainbow
This makes the Knight of Wands the most enabled of the four Knights. Is our Knight aware of them? His gaze is intense but straight ahead. Is his intensity the benefit of the elemental support that backs him up?

The Rune Tiwaz appears on the left-hand column; Uruz on the right.
Tiwaz is the Rune of Order and an unfailing sense of direction.
Uruz is the Rune of Vital Power and Will.
Tiwaz = 17th Rune of the Elder Futhark
Uruz = 2nd Rune of the Elder Futhark
Tiwaz + Uruz = 17 + 2 = 19 = Ehwaz - often interpreted as 'Horse'; it represents the partnership between horse and rider; together anything is possible, even jumping a chasm guided by a shining pearl-tipped wand. The Knight couldn't make that leap on his own; without a rider, why would the horse make the attempt?


Rede Seeker once again you've described this card beautifully.

This knight is fearless. He smiles as he leaps the water, the fire and the rainbow and leans forward on his horse; he's ready for more action.

This guy is Fire of Fire, he's always on the go. He has a hot temper but he doesn't stay mad for long.. He's passionate and charming and will certainly make an impact in your life.
Like the Knight of Swords, this is someone who doesn't stick around too long, to keep up his interest you have to be on your toes, constantly changing things... This is a guy who gets bored easily.
He's a risk taker and enjoys the thrill of doing adventurous and daring things and sometimes he could do with putting a bit more thought into things before he does them.

When I think of the Wand Knight I think of the popular guys in college. He's immature but he's confident, sexy and sociable with loads of friends. He's the person that others want to be like but he can be egotistical and bossy (as all the Wands Court can be).

Fire transforms and this person can be a typical 'Knight in shining armour'... Arriving out of the blue, charming the pants off you (sometimes literally ;)), and leaving again just as quickly as he arrives.

He will eventually turn into a charismatic leader but for now, this guy wants to have fun.

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Another Possibility

I do see this Knight as a Knight of action, however, I have a slightly different thought about the scene. I disagree that he missed all of the beauty of this scene.. Afterall, he is on his own adventure, with a timeline determined by him....

I don't believe it is any mere coincidence that we see the knight at this particular junction in his journey.. It is not an accident that there is a camp fire burning right at the edge of the cliff, with a perfect view of the beautiful rainbow, and carefully enclosed, to ensure that the fire does not spread and damage any of the surrounding foliage.

I believe that we are seeing the Knight at Sunrise in this picture, after he has camped for the knight, maybe to allow himself and the light of his wand to recharge (maybe from the fire - afterall this is the element of his suit), all the while, taking in the beauty that surrounds him (the rainbow and waterfall).

And now, after his respite, he is moving on revitalised and ready for the next part of this adventure.