Pearls of Wisdom - Nine of Pentacles

Rede Seeker

WoooHooo! Hard work is rewarded! This card gushes with success.

The central figure is a young woman, sitting cross-legged on what looks like a short runway. Her arms are outstretched. A three-pointed crystal cluster rests on each palm; a rainbow connects the crystal clusters. The woman wears a necklace of large pearls with a gold pendant resting between her breasts. Her blouse is tight-fitting like a long-sleeved T-shirt, in a red/pink color. Her golden crown is topped with three large pearls. She wears a gold colored cape, green trowsers, and red-gold shoes. The sun sends a beam to spotlight her.

In the distance we see the sun, a rainbow that spans the full length of the scene, beginning and ending in a cloud bank. A green Earth Spirit's face is seen between these cloud banks. We seem to be in a meadow - the grass is thick and rich. There are white flecks in the grass - I rede them as candle-light similar to the Beltane fires on the Lovers Card. Maybe the tiny Meadow Spirits are doing their equivalent of flicking on their lighters and swaying to the beat of the victory vibe they feel.

The short runway is earth colored but covered with ribbons, coins, and similar debris that showers down on the victorious. The runway is bordered with paintings resting on easels, each with ribbons flapping in the breeze on the upper corners. The paintings are of golden pentacles with different colored borders.

Two items I can't rede - what is the emblem the woman is sitting on and what are those things along the bottom edge of the runway. The emblem could be a pentacle; the other things could be party poppers.

There are golden brackets on the side columns. The left-hand bracket holds a full purse with green purse-strings; the right-hand bracket holds a pearl necklace with golden pendant. There are golden pentacle coins all around the border.

The Rune Ingwaz is marked on the left-hand column; Jera is marked on the right-hand column.

Ingwaz = Third Aettir, Sixth Rune = containment; gestation
Jera = Second Aettir, Fourth Rune = year, harvest

Ingwaz + Jera = 22 + 12 = 34 = 3 + 4 = Gebo = gifts given and received; generosity; also sacrifice

The Runes tell us that the woman worked diligently and as her skill increased, her products improved. In time, she succeeded. Her success came with a price tag (Gebo and Ingwaz) which she paid. Her reward is an earned achievement.

The combination of red-green-gold (blouse and shoes, trousers, cape and crown) indicate prosperity, action, and connection to the Natural world; Life in the Human and Material realms. The rainbow at the top of the card and the rainbow connecting the crystals in her palm seem to say 'As Above, So Below'.

The psychic pressure the wealth on the runway generates blows the ribbons on the paintings outward.

Whatever the goal, the woman in this card has achieved it.