Pearls of Wisdom - Pentacles - Traveling from Two to Ten

Rede Seeker

Inspiration - or coffee with chickory - has set in. As I look at the Pentacles from Two to Ten this morning, it seems that they mark a path in four episodes: The Beginning (Two and Three); The Fork in the Road (Four); The Tightly Held Coin (Five and Six); Fellowship of the Pentacle (Seven, Eight, Nine, and Ten).

In the Beginning - we are free of restrictions, whatever time spent with Family and Mentors has ended, we are on our own. We have benefitted from our Mentors' advice and our in-born skill. Technically, we are fully enabled. Spiritual enablement isn't a given at this point. Perhaps it took a back seat to developing our craft and making a living at it.

The Fork in the Road - we are crowned! Our work has brought recognition. We can consider ourselves a Master Craftsman.

The Tightly Held Coin - what do we do with our wealth and renown? Do we maniacally horde it (Six of Pentacles) to the exclusion of Family and health (the earth-colored lovers, single person in the hammock, both in the far distance, as opposed to the laden table with guitar on the side at the same level as the potter's kiln); the single white tablecloth as opposed to the two colored tablecloths in the Three of Pentacles) - even to the point of blighting the source of that wealth (the barren earth outside the pentacle). There is sorrow and loss and compassion (Seven of Pentacles).

The Fellowship of the Pentacle - there is a two-sided relationship between the Craftsman and the materials of his craft. He nurtures it (Seven); gives it full identity and focus (Eight); basks in the spotlight of accomplishment (Nine); and shares it with others (Ten).


The Beginning: Fehu
Fire, passion, beginnings - in this context, beginnings for their their own sake, the joy of a new adventure as an empowered being

The Fork in the Road: Fehu and Yera
'Sending' energy (empowerment) and the Law of Return

The Tightly Held Coin: Gebo and Kenaz; Ingwaz and Dagaz
Generosity and Physical Transformation; Containment and Awareness

The Fellowship of the Pentacle: Gebo and Yera; Fehu and Raidho; Ingwaz and Year; Fehu and Wunjo
Generosity and the Law of Return; Passion and the Journey; Containment and the Law of Return; Beginnings and Endings which feed Life (Fehu begins the first Aettir, Wunjo ends the first Aettir - together they may be read as completing the first Aettir, the Aettir of physical life, the Aettir of the Lord and Lady (Frey and Freya))