Pearls of Wisdom - Reading Question

Rede Seeker

The cards in my deck seem to stick together. It's not that 'new deck' feeling. I'm wondering is this is some wyrdness peculiar to me or if other Pearls of Wisdom owners have noticed this, too?

I've been using the Pearls of Wisdom in a 5-card spread based on Kerr Cuhulain's Witch's Pyramid (ref. 'Full Contact Magic'). The intent I use is that my day is magickally inspired and I seek:

To Know - center card
To Will - right card
To Dare - left card
To Imagine - bottom card
To Be Silent - top card

I've been reading any extra cards I find under the ones I've drawn as being an underlying factor to what is apparent.

6 Haunted Days

My cards do seem to have a certain errr....not stickiness, but they're not slippery! They were worse when I 1st got them.

I love that spread! Thanks for sharing, I'm going to give it a whirl. :)

Rede Seeker

Not ick, tacky, sticky....'s more like an adhesion. These cards do not slide smoothly against each other. I like the effect, it takes some getting used to.


You need to get yourself some fanning powder. I reckon that would sort the problem out.

Rede Seeker

'fanning powder'...?

That's a new term to me. Is that like talcum powder or baby powder?

6 Haunted Days

It's a powder card magicians use. It makes the cards really easier to shuffle, fan, manipulate etc. I believe you can pick it up at those joke shops or I'm sure somewhere online.

Rede Seeker

Thank You

I see - fanning - like making a fan with the cards. They need to slide neatly against one another to do that. I get it, now. Thanks again