Pearls of Wisdom - Seven of Wands

Rede Seeker

The Sun Rises...or does it Set on the Hero?

Either way, the Hero is joyous and the people support him. Whether it's his first act of the day or his last of a long life of achievement, his Wand glows with Might feeding the the upheld wands of the Folk. Inspiration-Acknowledgment-a Joining of Spirit.

The Hero stands on a mound of rich earth topped with lush green grass. To his right and left burn torches. Behind him are two Green Earth Spirits facing each other. Further behind him is a fire-like sky with sun over his crown chakra beaming golden light. The sky could be a sunrise or a sunset. Before the hero and below him are people, arms raised. Each holds a lesser version of the wand the Hero holds.

The Hero's Wand has a longer, thicker shaft with a long string of pearls spiraling around it. The head of this Wand is ringed with three circles of white light and multiple flares of white-yellow-pinkish color.

The Hero is a mature man (bearded) his hair longish and blowing in the wind.

Elementally: Fire is represented by the sun, the torches, the firey sky and cool light of the wands; Earth is represented by the mound the Hero stands upon, the Earth Spirits behind him and the richness of the meadow; Air is represented by the movement indicated by his hair and cloak and the 'inspire-ation' of the glowing rings around his wand' tip. I do not see Water represented - I rede this as there is nothing to dilute the scene or the experience of the Hero and the Folk.

The Rune Elhaz marks the left-hand column; Eihwaz marks the right.
Elhaz = second Aettir, seventh Rune = connection with the Gods; protection and sacred space; also a Life-Death marker
Eihwaz = second Aettir, fifth Rune = axis of the World Tree; the inner fire; Initiation
Elhaz + Eihwaz = 15 + 13 = 28 = 2 + 8 = 10 = Nauthiz = 'Need-Fire'; strength developed through resistance; Recognition of 'Neede' and 'Fate'

The Seven of Wands is a card of good omen - a Hero recognized by his Folk, whether at the zenith of his career or as he passes in to Legend. His mark is made and he inspires the next generation.


Thank You!

I just wanted to thank you so much Rede Seeker, for your dedication to the POW deck. I love how you describe and interpret the scenes in the cards. Especially the Runes. I have been studying them a lot lately, just doing readings for myself. I find them bang on. I love how you add the numbers and come to a third rune meaning. Again bang on.

Thank you for devoting the time you do to the deck and your insightful readings. I hope they help others learning the POW deck to see all there is within.

A cool spread happened with a friend of mine and the new larger deck. As she shuffled the deck, cards jumped, fell, or otherwise separated themselves from the deck. We used these 7 cards in an amazing reading. So the cards that jump out of the deck is a new reading spread...

For those who may find the cards on the busy side, try to look at the card and just focus on the first thing you notice. It is what is important for you at this time. You will find that there will be different elements that pop out from the same each time you draw it.

Another thing I noticed with this new edition, is that it is all about focusing your eyes. If you start at the bottom flag and focus your eyes on it, then you can follow around the outside wall. The inner part will go out of focus. If you focus through the portal to the inside, the outside wall will go out of focus. This gives the cards the 3D effect.

Still freezing in Canada.

Rede Seeker

You're Welcome

And thank you, Hexi, for giving form and color to the ideas behind each card in the Pearls of Wisdom deck. They speak with me more than any other Tarot that I've worked with.