Pearls of Wisdom: Ten of Pentacles


This was the first card I drew from the deck (I'm drawing my daily cards from it).

A group of people, all dressed alike, both young and old, male and female, are dancing in a big circle. The sun is shining, the sky is blue with a couple of fluffy white clouds, and there are two sleeping green faces in the landscape behind them.
There are tiger lilies and a purse spilling coins, a pearl necklace and some kind of blue string that has me a bit puzzled.
On the ground underneath the dancers are more coins or pentacles, and around their necks they wear pearls with yet more pentacles.

It's a very happy, cheerful, sunny scene.
Everybody is wearing cloaks, and their clothes in general seem almost too warm for that sunny day (unlike the naked dancers, say, in the ten of Cups); perhaps they're taking part in a summer solstice ritual/party or something, and had dressed warmly because they were staying up all night?

After a while, I noticed that the ground they're dancing on has circles worn in it, a sort of path that they're dancing on. That seems to indicate that people of many generations have been dancing here, in the exact same place - perhaps every year for ages. They've worn a track in the ground.

I don't know the 'standard' significance of tiger lilies, but they make me think of the talking flowers in Alice in Wonderland, and of one of my favourite Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs perfumes, called Tiger Lily; it's sweet and golden and on the heavy side.

The whole card brings to mind safety and abundance, especially of the material kind, connections to other people (either in one's family or in another kind of 'tribe'), and celebrating the riches around you.

Rede Seeker

Clan-like Feel

The dancers look like to be of different ages but all dressed alike - like a Team uniform. The younger/smaller dancers look to be dancing in an inner ring; the older/taller dancers look to be dancing in the outer ring.

The pearl necklaces the each wear have a golden pentacle pendant and there is a pentacle on their hands (front and back - a tatoo perhaps?)

The coin purse has a blue cord with tassels to tie it closed.

Runes flank the dancers - Fehu to the left; Wunjo to the right. Fehu is wealth, it is also a 'carrier' Rune. When paired with other Runes, it supplies the energy needed to carry the Rune-Spell to it's goal. Wunjo is the Rune of Joy, Family, and Fellowship.

Numerically: Fehu = 1; Wunjo = 8. The Rune total = 9 = Hagalaz. Initially this gets a 'Yikes' response. Hagalaz is the Rune of Hail, of events outside your control wreking havoc. An alternate reading is that Fehu is also the first Rune of the first Aettir; Wunjo is the eighth (and last) Rune of the first Aettir. Together, they could symbolize all the Runes in the first Aettir - kind of an Alpha and Omega concept. The first Aettir is the Aettir of Frey and Freya, the Lord and Lady of the Northern Tradition, a brother and sister pair rather than love-mates. This is the Aettir of the common life well lived, immediate needs are met. The Vanir rule in the first Aettir; the Gods and Goddesses of the Folk. The first Aettir contains:
Fehu = Wealth; Beginnings and the Circulation of Power
Uruz = Passive Formation
Thurisaz = Might; Breaking Barriers
Ansuz = Communication; Inspiration; Wisdom
Raidho = Ordered Change and Progress; the Journey
Kenaz = Physical Transformation; Breaking Down to Rebuild; Analysis
Gebo = The Gift; Generosity; Hospitality
Wunjo = The Pleasure of Harmony within yourself and society

Hazalaz is the first Rune of the second Aettir - the Aettir of Challenges; it can represent taking the next step on the Journey.


When I look at this card it makes me think that there are generations of people dancing here.
They dance around a large golden pentacle in the centre of the circle.

I like the way this 10 and the 10 of Cups show folks dancing in a circle of even in a spiral because I like to link the Minors to their numerically corresponding Major so the 10s to me relate to The Magician, The Wheel of Fortune and The Sun. A circle seems like a very apt symbol to use.

10s are about building on what you've already got. One cycle is over but it's not gone and forgotten, it's there to be added to and built upon and that's how I see this card.
It's about stability and security but also about moving onto the next level and having enough to provide for those who come after you.

The little green book says that the tiger lilies used in the Pentacles suit represent wealth and pride in one's accomplishments :).