Pearls of Wisdom ~ The Magician

6 Haunted Days

This card shows a man (or could that be a woman?)in front of a erethral blue background and clouds. The colours looks "cosmic" to me. like he is in the astral plane where all magic starts to manifest first with our thoughts and desires.He has his right hand raised and it's aflame with blue energy points or blue flame of alchemy. (this is one of the cards where the hand look way out of poportion and is huge!) He holds a ball of light,or perhaps a crystal ball, in his left hand. His eyes are an intense blue, mesmerizing like those hypnotists and tricksters of yore. A falcon rests on his arm, signifying the principle of light, seeing all and enlightenment. A viewpoint from a higher plane.

The table has a green cloth with gold tassled trim, reminding me of those old-fashioned card reading/crystal gazing tables used in gyspy tents. All 4 suits are on the table. Candle for Wands/fire, Cup for water/Cups, Pentacle for earth/Pentacles, and the incense burner for air/Swords. Also there is a long crystal next to the incense connecting it to the Pentacles suit and deep earth. Decks sometimes have tarot cards, playing cards....but here we have a bag with runes spilling out. Runes are heavily used in this deck, so this is in keeping with the theme.They speak of opening to the light, breakthroughs, movement towards self-discovery, progress, questing and the powers of nature and spirit at work....occult forces. The pearls of Wisdom here are scattered amongst the items on the table. Meaning to me our wisdom before manifestation.

The combination of the table cloth and items with the persona of the magician in the astral plane speaks to me of the dual nature this card has. The trickster,cunning man, illusion maker. And the divine will manifesting through us to create our lives, relationships and our very thoughts.

:love: Miss 6


It's another card jam-packed with symbolism and you've described it really well. I find these cards a bit daunting to describe as there is just so much on them.

I see the sun behind the magician's head - the masculine principle and he also has a lemniscate above his head, to show that the powers of the Universe that he is tapping into here are infinite.
The green cloth makes me think of the earthly plane, the plane in which the magic from the astral is manifested.

Do you think there is any significance in the way that he wears a hooded robe?

Rede Seeker

Out of Proportion Hands

I didn't notice that aspect of this card before. Does this mean he has a better grasp on things?

I have trouble seeing the Magician as male. The only other unbearded male in the Major Arcand is falling from the Tower. I remember other decks hanve an unbearded man as the Magician, so it's not out of the general pattern. I'm wondering though whether there is another sigificance, at least in this deck. Unbearded men are generally adolescents, still learning their craft. Another expalanation could be the Magician unites elements as part of his workings, perhaps Male-Female is another element the Magician works with.

The hooded robe hides details of the Magician's physique - another hint at the possible androgenous nature of this card.

The warmth of the Sun and cool of the blue and clouds behind the Magician feel like magic and the making. A summoning of energy for whatever working the Magician is working on.

Here's an oddity - at the bottom of the care is the censor on the left and chalice on the right. On the table before the Magician the chalice is on the left and censor is on the right. Similar position change for the large crystan on the border and table. Any thoughts?