Pearls of Wisdom - Three of Pentacles-Swords-Wands-Cups

Rede Seeker

To Create-To Destroy-To Call-To Send

Three of Pentacles: Solar might spotlights the Craftsman, filling him with creative energy. The energy feeds many forms - raw clay, pots on the wheel, pots in the kiln, and finished products. Our Craftsman makes space for other activities (the table with food and drink; the guitar resting beside it). The Craftsman is not fully consumed by his Craft.

Three of Swords: Mani, Full-Bright (the full moon) is held in the tresses of a Tree Spirit. She and a Green Spirit look down, mournfully, as a young man puts the final thrust into a mottled heart. The heart looks bruised and battered, the man's swords give it a merciful end. Bells ring as the deed is done. A heart's desire, gone toxic, has been set into peace once more. The Man is master once more.

The blazing spotlight of the one is cooled by the full moon-light of the other. The man-made items of the one is replaced by raw Nature in the other. The Craftsman is a beardless boy in the one; mature now in the other.

Three of Wands: As loved ones venture into the unknow, those who remain behind prepare the way through meditation and the magick that only those who have sent a loved one off into the unknow can know. The strength and confidence of the one anchors the adventurer.

Three of Cups: The call of the Three of Wands is heard by the dancers in the Three of Cups. The fire circle in the one complements the water pool in the other. The barren shore of the one complements the lush meadow of the other.

My Unsupported Personal Gnosis (UPGs) of the Threes of the Pearls of Wisdom. Your UPG may vary.

Rede Seeker

Pearls of Wisdom - Four Corners Spell: Threes

'Tarot Magick' by Kelly Danann includes a Four Corners Spell with the Three cards. The guide words read: 'Use threes for creating a boundary or barrier between you and something or someone...' I'm not sure the Pearls of Wisdom deck would be the one to use for such a spell. The vibe I get from this configuration is one of Might, expanding, contracting, rising and falling - an empowerment spell, more than protection.

The configuration:

-------Three of Pentacles--------
Three------Photo of-------Three of
of Cups----the Subject----Swords
--------Three of Wands----------

Any thoughts?