Pet Spread


I've been using one I created for a while, it works really well with cats. There's no reason it won't work for other species.

1. Tell me something I know about this pet
2. Tell me something I don't know about this pet
3. Tell me something I should be aware of about this pet

The #1 is for narrowing down something at the forefront with the pet. #2 is covering something that may be developing, or something going on that I've not paid attention to. #3 is generally something important that needs to be considered right now.

It's been pretty reliable for me. I do one reading for each of our guys and it's provided some pretty good insights and kept me aware of things that need attending (stress levels, a possibly changing medical condition, etc.).


Thanks for sharing this, HudsonGray. I have a Spoiled Dog and a Wacky Cat in my house, both of whom have "issues", so it will be interesting to get some insight with your spread!


thank you for this spread! I will use it to try and find more about my deceased beloved dog who left me way to soon.