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An initiate (hounsis) holds an iron pot full of sacred Petro fire. She is not burned. Her hair, eyebrows, lashes, etc. are all made of fire; she can’t be burned because the fire is a part of her, and she is part of it. What is part of her can’t harm her.

This is a very dark card, like a campfire at night.

There is a tuft of flame over the third eye; “on-fire” intuition?

The fire casts a glow over her face: like a benediction of sorts.


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Water Pixie


This card has come up for me in a few readings where a woman was asking about a man. And I think this card may signify secret and hidden feelings (even passion) for someone. She holds the flames close to her. Fire has the ability to destroy but not her. The way she holds it so close to her, trying to keep it from prying eyes.