Phenomenological Correlation Constellation Spread


This is a somewhat complex spread that I have conceived out of the minor arcana structure a few months ago and spent the time until a few days ago perfecting it. It's complex because the cards themselves don't have meaning within the spread, they are paired with the surrounding cards in different combinations and gain meaning by their numerological sum of the number of their position

Yes I know that sounds like a lot of work but I guarantee a clear understanding within any given situation once the Reader has gotten the hang of it and the great thing is you can use this spread for Past Present and Future situations

-------------- 1 --------------
-------------- 7 --------------
-------------- 6 --------------

When you're placing the cards, place them face down and keep them that way. I've found that with this spread turning them all over really get's you quite confused with all the information it gives. Let's go step by step; only turn over the cards I specify in the list below, the others stay face down. After readng those cards return them to their face down position and turn over the next pair

4-6: These two cards correspond to 1, the Root of the situation or the Potential of a situation ahead of time

6-5: These two cards correspond to 2, the Duality or the Choices of the situation

2-1: These two cards correspond to 3, the Synthesis/Result of two forces coming together to create something anew and the First Steps of Growth

1-3: These two cards correspond to 4, the Foundation and Stability of the situation

3-2: These two cards correspond to 5, the Threat(s) to the foundation that may cause Instability

1-5: These two cards correspond to 6, the reason that the situation did or will Collapse and the reason you Feel Lost

3-4: These two cards correspond to 7, the Clarity that will help you go forward and still maintain your Individuality

5-3: These two cards correspond to 8, the Renewed Willpower to Rebuild the situation more firmly. Also the Card of Advice

4-5: These two cards correspond to 9, the Integration of Knowledge and Practicality and the Result

The seventh card in the spread is the card of Silence. It is the card that rests between any conflict contained within the situation that will take you to Clarity

Working with this spread has truly brought a lot of clarity to my life and I know it might look too intricate but trust me, it is totally worth it

I hope you enjoy working with this spread as much as I have and please respond with your results and any improvements you think the spread might need, I'd love to hear it!



P.S. I'm not very well versed in Numerology so you might like to use the numbers according to the meanings you know and already use. This is just a pointer for the combinations of the cards. I'll be offering a few reading exchanges over at Reading Exchanges ( so that you can see how I use the spread and use it accordingly