Photographing Faeries movie


This movie was on television last night (Sci-Fi I think) Has anyone else seen this movie? It was kinda strange. It had faeries in it, sort of, but the movie really wasn't about them. It was about a photographer who lost his wife after one day of marriage and looses his hope and faith in life. He regains it through a photograph of a faery that a woman brings to him.

I thought it was quite a dark film. Interesting though. In the film, the tree the faeries lived in was gorgeous.
Just curious as to others' opinions.


I've seen it. I found it somewhat dark too. We didn't watch it again last night because there was something else on we wanted to see, but it is well-done, and you're right, that tree is magical. A strange story, all in all.



I've seen it, too, and the cinematography and effects are often beautiful. The movie got mixed reviews when it came out, I suspect because it is a mixed bag and hard to pigeonhole -- more psychological than supernatural. I thought it was enjoyable and a very pleasant reprieve from blood and gore in films.

Aura Wolf

Oddly, my boyfriend has seen this, and mentioned it to me when I first got my Faeries Oracle. He said we should watch it sometime :)

Laura Borealis

I had seen it before, and watched it again last night.

I think it does have its dark side, but in the end, the message is that there is another world beyond this, that death is not the end. Though I think the filmmakers leave this open to interpretation. The faeries, his vision of his wife, and even his vision at death could be all a hallucination brought on by eating the flowers -- but I choose to believe that they were real.


Can anyone tell me the name of the movie? I missed it, but it sounds very interesting.


The name is "Photographing Faeries"--I remember the discussions about it when it came out, but haven't seen it. I went searching on the internet for a copy--so old it's not readily available.


I chose to see the faeries and visions of his wife as real too, although it could be seen a hallucination from the flowers. I really liked the ending.

One of the strangest parts was when the faery flew through him several times and then he was glowing from the inside (especially from his neck). Then the next time a faery flew out of his mouth ?!?! Lots of ways to interpret that. :eek:

Do you suppose the faeries kept pushing people out of the tree or do you suppose the people just didn't care if they fell or not because they had knowledge of the next world? Maybe they felt so close to the faeries that they felt like one of them and that they could not fall.

I felt bad for the priest because he just did not care to open his mind or eyes to the possibility of faeries. :(


Aha, I found it at a Blockbuster! Will add it to my "rent" list. is very cool--put in a movie name, a zip code, and it lists stores in an ever widening circle, checking for the movie. I have 7 stores in a 15 mile radius, only one owns this movie.

Not a hot hit!


Imagemaker. let us know what you think of the film. :) And thanks for the tip. I had no idea. Should save numerous trips to different shops in the future! :D