Pick a god, any god . . .


. . . and then pick the cards you think resonate with that diety.

Loki: Fool, RW 7 of swords, *reversed* Emporer. :D

I know alot of people will think of the Devil, but that feels more like Gullveig to me.


I dunno that Loki is the Fool, though Butler in DICTONRY OF THE TAROT would seem to agree with you in that, for some reason, he sees the Fool as the trickster. The problem I see is that the Fool's tricks, if he plays any, never come off. And he's more likely to be the butt of the joke. Loki's always the one pulling the joke, and it often does come off just as he planned--take that nasty little trick he played on Balder! Yes, he could easily be the Devil but I tend to think of him as the Magician--shape shifter, fast talker, manipulator and all that.

Hermes, Thoth, these are also Magician types.


Can I pick a Goddess instead? Well, if not then I'm gonna anyway...

Brighid: The Empress. Not only is this Goddess known as the Triple Brighids, and the Three Ladies of Ireland, She has three fiery arrows, and three comes up alot. That's the number if the Emoress. But other than that, Brighid is the type of Goddess who is motherly, but not too overprotective, preferring to let Her children learn through their mistakes. She is also the Healer, which in a way I reckon the Empress is.

Arianrhod could be the High Priestess. I dunno why. I think if you read the legends of Her you'll know. But Athena could be HPS too.

Llew Llaw Gyffes is definitely the Fool. Read His story. His father Gwydion would be Magician.



Thirteen - Cutting Sif's hair did not come off well for him - he narrowly got out of that mess with his head, but still had his mouth sewn shut! Helping Thjazi abduct Idunna & her apples didn't work out so well either; the Aesir caught him and, in some accounts, threatened to slpit his ribs open "like an eagle's wings." Every time Loki seems to get what he wants, something goes wrong for him because of his thought- or carelessness. That's part of his humour, I think. The Loki Cult homepage says something along the lines of "Loki believes there is a banana peel for every foot,"; and he's stepped on several himself! :D }>

Kiama - Goddesses are fine!
But wasn't Dylan, the sea god, Louie's (I can't remember the original spelling ;P ) father? I thought Gyffes was raised by his *uncle* Gwydion.


Dylan was Llew Llaw Gyffe's big brother, who was killed by one of teh sea gods.

Gwydion, his father, is also his uncle, cuz he had sex with Arianrhod who was his sister.