Hi guys,

I have been picking up some amazing specimens over the past many years. I finally got myself a display case and keep inviting people over to look at my rocks, but it turns out that not too many people are really all that excited about minerals. They are very polite, and maybe ask a few questions (which I then take an outrageously long time answering), but goodness do I want to share my beautiful pieces of earth with people who might be as excited as me! So, I was thinking maybe I might post some pictures here now and then when I get a chance to take them. I hope people might enjoy them!

Here are some pictures of a new piece of quartz I picked up last week... but it's no ordinary quartz. Shooting in and out of the quartz points are beautiful strands of golden rutile, growing out of little bits of hematite hidden in the quartz. You can see bits of the hematite here and there. The quartz itself has a bit of a smokey tint to it, but not so much that I might solidly classify it as smokey quartz. If you look very closely, you can see a bit of clear crystal that doesn't look like quartz... it almost looks like a bubbling texture, which quartz doesn't do. That's clear opal, also known as hyalite. It's been popping up in my life a bit these days! You can see it coating some of the quartz, and even beading along some strands of rutile like droplets of water. It comes from Minas Gerais in Brazil.

As for its metaphysical properties, there is much literature about rutilated quartz and hematite, and a little about hyalite, and if anyone wants me to link some of that I'd be happy to! I'm of the persuasion that the effects of stones vary from person to person, so I try to take the literature with a grain of salt and develop my own feelings about pieces. This piece gave me such joy when I saw it. I find most quartz with hair-like inclusions to have a sifting quality to them, filtering out negativity and magnifying the positivity. Rutile specifically usually has a bit of an intellectual feeling to me, giving a bit more focus, perhaps. This rutile has an ethereal quality to it, but is grounded by its basis in the bits of hematite inside. Meanwhile, the bubbling hyalite opal just seems to emanate effervescent happiness.

If people seem to enjoy the photos, I would love to post more (when I remember to take them!!) and share my excitement with like-minded people!


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Wow! Beautiful. Where do you find your specimens?

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That's a beautiful piece you have there, would love to have some pieces of that rarity and magnitude in my crystal collection.

Would love to see your other crystals in your collection, always enjoy looking at all sorts of different types of crystals and minerals.

Laura Borealis

What a gorgeous cluster! I love the look of hyalite, though as far as I know I've only seen it in photos. And of course golden rutile is beautiful. How lucky to have a specimen that combines these two with that lovely quartz.


So beautiful. Where did you get them? I'd love to see more.


I'm so excited you guys can enjoy these with me! To answer your questions, this piece was picked up at the Earth Wind Fire & Ice Rock Shop in Chadds Ford, PA. I get them from all over, though! My favorite places to go are Gem/Mineral shows- I still dream of going to the Tucson one, but I've enjoyed the last few years at the NY/NJ show in Edison, NJ beyond belief. My wallet has enjoyed it a bit less!

I took a few more photos of some things for now (with my phone, so I apologize that they don't quite do the pieces justice). Since we were on a hyalite high from the last piece, I thought I might show my other piece that contains some bubbly clear opal, this time as a companion to some shockingly gemmy yellow apatite (that I suspect may be better labeled fluorapatite) within a matrix. It is from the Cerro de Mercado mine in Durango, Mexico. The opal here is less water-droplet-like, instead having a cloudy, matte look to it. This piece gives me a similar feeling to the joy and focus of the last one, with the similarities in color/chakra associations and the texture of the opal. It even has a bit of the grounding feeling going on, as I imagine it may include some iron/hematite, seeing as that is prevalent in that mine and I see a good deal of red sneaking into the piece. I wish you could see just how glittery the yellow apatite is- it feels so clear, and gives an air of confidence. I picked this one up at the Universal Rock Shop at the NY/NJ show in April this year.

Enjoy!! Let me know if you have any questions!


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Your specimens are awesomely beautiful!!! The first piece looks like crystals coming up through water droplets on straw! Amazing! If you post them, I'll LOVE to look at them!


Absolutely beautiful specimens! It helps that you have a real knack for photographing them too.


Singerofpeace, those are some awesome multi minerals. :) :) :)

I acquired a lot of crystal in my 20's... none as conglomerate as yours (though I could dream on Lol!. **slaps her wrist** - But - no space and really can't justify expenditure on them nowadays.) - but here are my "Big Five" as it were.

I'm sure you can recognise what they are - except maybe the green one, which is Green Calcite.
3 live in my therapy room, the Amethyst my hubby gave me as present and is displayed in the living room, and the Smokey Quartz - is the centre piece on one of my Altars:


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