Pinterest for tarot spreads


My daughter just texted me to say that there are tons of tarot spreads on Pinterest. I am not really into using spreads per se, but every now and again, I will try them out for myself. But, when I read for customers, I very rarely use a spread.

Anyway, I went to pinterest (a much under used site for me--but I do like it) and was surprised at the amount of tarot spreads there!

Anyone else go there to find spreads? Any other goodies there on Pinterest re:tarot or other divination? I know I've used it to find a few psychic-medium things and crystals too. I should've thought of tarot spreads. Off now to see what it has about scrying.......


definitely going to use it more for that. I have seen people share spreads from there in some exchange groups on there. you can also find lots of tarot cards on there too :)


I was very surprised too when I searched on tarot. It seems people scan and put whole decks on there. I've had Pinterest since it came out, when all members did was post interesting pics now it seems to have completely changed :)


just becareful sharing any of your own art or uploading decks. Pinterest is a nightmare of no credit or reference to the original creator or publisher.

I once wanted to share some artists work on my tumblr art blog and wrote to get permission from the artist (it wasn't tarot related). She was so happy that someone asked her permission. Her pictures from the images sell for a lot and I never thought she would agree. So I posted photos of her art with credit to her and her website.

A year later they were all going around pinterest with no credit :(


Ooooh... Thanks for letting us know. I haven't been there in awhile but will have to check that out. :thumbsup:


GOTH--you should also search on pintrest for crystal balls! OH MY! So many lovelies there! :thumbsup:


I put a penterist block on my blog. People were taking whole posts with images.

I'm on metered broadband and penterist eats it up too fast so I just don't go there anymore. I also hate how it makes a laughingstock of copyright issues.


I confess, I use Pinterest mainly for recipes (that I never actually make), crafts (that I never actually make), and fashion (okay, I am REALLY into fashion!).

I know of folks who use Pinterest for educational tips, business ideas, tarot spreads, and the like, but so far I've never used it for that sort of purpose myself.


yes, there seem to be so much information on pinterest. i enjoy saving them myself for later use. :)