PKT PDF with Images


I created this with the text from de Laurence's Illustrated Key to the Tarot (1916); it was unquestionably pirated from Waite's PKT. The only text changes are to the title page, and the omission of "God (Nature)" references that aren't in Waite's original. I dropped "(Nature)" so it now reads like the PKT.

I tried to keep the original formatting except where changing it makes it easier to read. For example, putting the descriptions, divinatory meanings and reversed meanings of the minors on their own lines, separated by a space. I put the images of the majors before the text rather than after. I also put the preface after the table of contents instead of before so the navigation links are easily at hand.

I believe all the typos have been fixed and I corrected all of Waite's bloopers of which I'm aware. For example, The Devil where it says "fifth card" when it should be "sixth." For some questionable changes I used notes to indicate the original. For example, the Ace of Cups where it says "four streams." To me this is clearly just another of Waite's slip-ups, but some might disagree so a note was inserted to indicate a change was made.

I included some bookmarks as well as internal links so navigation is super easy.

The images are from kenji's blog: Pamela A, Pebbled Backs.

Direct download here. :)

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot.pdf (8.8 mb)


Very nice piece of work Abrac. I have downloaded, following your excellent instructions.


What she said. Saved :)

THANK you.


Thank you, looks great :) I will add this to my collection of digital PKT copies (I think I have maybe 7 now for some odd reason!)


I’ve updated this document and it’s available from the link above. The original had a problem with the font. It basically looks okay but if you copy and paste it, the pasted text has a high number of spaces in the middle of words. It can also cause problems with searches in some PDF readers. The new one was saved with Adobe Acrobat and this problem is gone for the most part. I’ve still noticed occasional spaces in the middle of words due to my formatting, but it’s worlds better than it was.

I also changed all the upper-case Es in Éliphas Lévi to have an accent. The document I was working with said the original had inconsistencies so they made them all with no accent, but I think they probably should have them.

The overall quality is also a little higher, about 3MBs worth. :)


Abrac, thank you so, so much. I have downloaded and saved copies.

How marvelous to have digital copies; it makes research all the easier.


Updated this document and link. Same old problem with font spacing . . . finally got it resolved. :)


Thanks! This will be useful. My paper copy of the PKT is quite literally a loose-leaf edition now; if it fell on the floor it would take me half-an-hour to get all the pages in order again.


Tried this on my ebook reader. It was tip top and has a very neat and readable formatting. Thanks Abrac!