Planet Numerology for the RWS Minor Arcana

Rusty Neon

Here's my stab (Version #1 :) ) at a set of planet-to-number correspondences for the Ace to 10 of the minor arcana of the RWS. I'm trying to match the conventional astrological meanings of the planets with common divinatory meanings for the RWS. I'd be interested in any feedback. I've already moved the planets around quite a bit.

Ace: Uranus (breaking out of old patterns)

2: Mercury (communication, analysis)

3: Mars (energy)

4: Saturn (structure)

5: Moon (desire for security and belongingness)

6: Venus (beauty, harmony)

7: Neptune (imagination, addiction)

8: Pluto (transformation, regeneration, change)

9: Jupiter (spirituality, growth)

10: Sun (realization of potential)



a while ago i took a brunch of astrology sites and compared them to come up with the new astrological assocaitons(for myself for the minors )
Illuminator, source of life, the personality. "The Star".
Mirror, moods, reflection, instinct. Often a child or mother.
Messenger, message, thoughts, letter. The chatty one.
Love, affection, aesthetics, a woman, a love interest.
Action, anger, drive, energy, a man, a decision.
Growth, abundance, expansion. Freedom. Good or ill fortune.
Fulfillment, restriction, structure. Truth organized. Lessons.
Change beyond your control, awakening. The unexpected.
The invisable, imagination, intuition. Conscience, inspiration.
Transformation, endings. That which you face alone. Rebirth

i believe it was set up for greatest influence on the planet. (this isn't from one specific site but a few of them who all had the same order which i took all that corresponded and wrote down key words when i was going to apply astrology to the minors)


I'm not so sure that a full link can be made - planets are not just numbers. Even from a numerological point of view, whilst they may well have some shade of meaning that comes from their number value there are far more layers of meaning from other sources, such as mythology.

There are some clear problems in terms of planets and numbers. before numerology and tarot get a look in. Do they have a number equivalent in any sequential sense? The order from the Sun, whilst the most obvious is by no means the only way that the planets can take on a number value. The Chaldean system numbered from Saturn (the outermost visible planet) in terms of apparant speed of rotation around the Earth - thus the Sun was number 4, Venus 5, Mercury 6 and The Moon 7. We could also give them numbers on the basis of sign rulership with Mars being associated with 1 (Aries)

To make life more difficult the system of rulerships of theZodiac gave each planet, save the Sun and Moon, two rulerships - Thus Venus is ruler of Taurus and of Libra. The Taurean Venus is very akin to the Empress, but the Libran Venus is more akin to Justice - and this is by no means a perfect match. So when we allocate a pip card number to Venus, which Venus is it? The Venus of Balance (Libra) or the Venus of Sensuality and Beauty (Taurus)?

The problem is that as Planets have more than one dimension as shown by their rulerships, no single number can really represent them in anything like a satisfactory way.