playing card equivalents/comparison


I have several oracle decks with playing card correlations and I thought it would be interesting to chart and compare them...

I've been playing with this on a daily draw... shuffling a favorite Bicycle deck for a one card draw, then picking the equivalent cards from the decks on the chart.

For example:

Today (9/3) I picked the 8 of spades from my Bicycle deck. Which corresponds to the decks on the chart as:

Lenormand - #20 Garden
Gypsy Witch - #32 Mountains
Italian Modiano - #47 Jealousy
Ana Cortez - Field of Stone
Portable Fortitude - Protection from being led stray

It's an interesting way to use my playing card based oracle decks and obtain a reading.

Try it, let me know what you think!


I found it interesting that the decks have similar elements... birds, coffins, man, woman, home, child, etc. but different correlations to playing cards:

for example: 6 of hearts

Lenormand Gypsy Modiano Ana Cortez


anyone have anything to add? any observations???


I muddled in posting the chart originally, today I added Portable Fortitude to the chart and saved as a jpeg so I could upload to Flicker, see post #1.

Try the daily poker deck/oracle draw with your cards... let me know how it works for you! :)