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Welcome to the Playing Cards forum. This is the place to study cartomancy and discuss divining with playing cards but remember that all readings (including daily draws and exchanges) should take place over in Oracle Readings.

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Poll: Do you read with playing cards?
Poll: How do you read with playing cards ???

Playing Cards & Tarot
List of Single Playing Cards for each Major Arcana (Playing cards study)
playing cards(for divination)have the same meanings as minor arcana
OMG a playing card deck that actually does tarot for me! - gasp-
Cartomancy and the Elemental Dignities
Cartomancy VS Tarot
Regular playing cards=Tarot?

Correspondences With Other Systems (Numbers, Astrology, etc)
Astrological correspondences to Playing Cards
Playing cards and elements correspondence
connection to great pyramid
Cartomancy and numbers
playing card equivalents/comparison

Reading Methods & Systems

Hedgewytch Reading Method
"Hedgewytch" cartomancy practice
Methods of Cartomancy - hedgewytchery etc - split from 'What are you awaiting in the mail'

Other Methods
Working with ordinary playing cards
Cartomancy (Playing Cards)
Best Methods/Books/Formulas for Learning Playing Card Reading
Your Granny's Playing Card Methods!
A Simple method to Read Playing Cards...
Completed - New Playing Card System!!
New Playing Card System... Constructive Criticism please!
Cartomancy: Mara's system
Favorite Playing Card method

Card Meanings
Cartomancy-PP method card meanings #1
Phoenix Rising Playing card meanings
My playing Card Meanings
There are no standard meanings for cartomancy?
Cartomancy Common Keywords?
reading regular playing cards {meanings}
Help Need for Playing Card Meanings!

Special Topics
Playing Cards - Do you Use The Whole Deck?
Why are playing cards not so popular?
The spiritual side of playing cards?
Is anyone here just a little bit scared of playing cards?
Deborah Leigh profile on celebrities using playing cards
Are you still reading with your playing cards?
Revamping Playing Cards as Personal Oracles
Preference for cards? Anyone use playing cards?

General Discussions
Playing Cards
Playing Cards
Playing cards!
Playing card Divination
"Ordinary" playing cards?
Playing Card folks...
Regular Old Playing Cards
How to Learn Playing Cards?
Playing Cards et all
Using a playing deck...
Divination with playing cards
Readings using Playing Cards?
Ever used regular playing cards?
Playing Cards
Playing Card Readings
Playing Cards

Help Or Advice
Learning to read with Playing Cards - help?
HELP: About cartomancy
Playing Card Oracles; any advice for first timer?
Playing cards - Is this ok?
Cartomancy Help

Specific Card Groups or Individual Card Threads
Cartomancy-The Aces
Ace of Spades
Playing Cards: Spades
Playing Cards: Hearts
Playing Cards: Club
King of Hearts
Playing Cards: Jack of Hearts
Jacks as "The Man's Thoughts"
Cartomancy 5 of Hearts
Playing Card Courts
Jack in playing cards
Use of the Joker card
Cartomancy: Spades/fire, Clubs/air, Hearts/water, Diamond/earth
Calling the Cartomancy Readers! Found a Card

Book of Destiny = M.lle Lenormand Cartomancy Cards???
Dee - Fortune Telling with Playing Cards
Favorite Playing Card Divination Books

past lives spreads for playing cards?
What Spreads Do you Use When Working With Playing Cards?

Daily Draw Threads (in Oracle Readings):
Cartomancy Daily Draws
Playing Cards: Daily Draws

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General Deck Talk
Cartomancy decks
Cartomancy Decks
Playing cards
English playing cards

Deck Collections / What Do You Use?
Cartomancers - What Playing Card Deck Do You Use?
Playing Card Show and Tell
Show your Playing Cards!

Deck Wish Lists / Recommendations
Please recommend a pretty playing card deck
Playing Cards I want to read!

Types of Decks - Multiple Deck Discussions
Ancient Playing Cards
Bicycle/Ellusionist & other dark playing card decks
casino playing cards (including Caesar's Palance special edition souvenir cards)
Deluxe Playing Cards: Bicycle Ghost, Black Tiger, Viper
historic playing cards?
Reading illustrated playing cards?
The Piatnik Historical Cartomancy Collection
Spanish Playing Cards
unlaminated playing card decks?

The Playing Card Oracle by Ana Cortez
Ana Cortez (Playing Card Oracles) videos on Youtube
Does anyone still use/study the Playing Card Oracles?
The Playing Card Oracles by Cortez/Freeman
Playing Card Oracles
Playing Card Oracles Study
The Playing Card Oracles: Study Group Anyone?
Similar decks to the Playing Card Oracle?

Specific Decks
Alice In Wonderland PC Archives
Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards
wonderland playing card oracle
Ans Apres: French playing cards
Arcane Playing Cards
Arcane Playing Cards (White Deck) by Ellusionist
Biedermeierspiel Playing Cards - 1820
Crystal Time: Playing cards by Violeta Monreal (Fournier)
Dark Hearts V.2 - by Anna Stokes
Disney Vile Villains Playing Cards
Five Crown: Interesting deck for playing card readers?
5 of diamonds heart shaped playing card...
Genius of Nature (playing cards)
Golden Complass Movie Playing Cards... novelty cards divination?
Gong Hee Fot Choy
Gong Hee Fot Choy (older thread)
Greenpeace Playing Deck
Jane Lyle playing card-style deck
Kader deck
Kader deck 2
The Key to the Kingdom
The Language of Flowers (Playing Cards)
Lovecraftian Playing Cards
A mini playing card deck
Mix n Match: Natural World Playing Card Collection
P22Type Foundry Playing Cards
R Marx Playing Cards
Transformation Playing Cards?
Tree Wisdom with Playing Cards
ULTIMATE DECK of playing cards
Vievil(le) Playing Cards by Heron
Vintage Cartomancy Deck: Prophetic Cards for Ladies
William Tell Deck / Hungarian Gypsy Playing Cards
zombie playing cards

Deck ID Threads
Identify This Playing Card Deck - Japanese artist?
Playing card ID?
Which Cartomancy deck is this?