Playing Cards I want to read!


I really like the looks of these. I wonder if any stores carry them or if you have to order them online only.


Good question, Silverwings

Would seem some shops should carry them. I just tend to look for things on Amazon, so came across them there. Thought they were great-looking and wanted to share. I thought the Karnival Midnight Deck and the Shadow were especially intriguing. And they're not very expensive, which is always a plus, but probably cheaper if one can find in a shop.


:)) Libra!

I saw those under that blue light! HOW COOL ARE THEY! You're so right, they're just grand. And you're right in the learning never ends, but then what would we do then ;-)?

Blessings on your day,

Laura Borealis

Those are very eye-catching, the reversed black and white... really makes them feel other-worldly in a way.

I also love the faces on the Tragic cards. The pouting queen... heehee. And the blue light, very nifty, reminds me of the 70s and the black light posters we had. It got hard to find the bulbs though!

I recently grabbed these, not from Amazon but at Books-A-Million. What can I say, I was in the checkout line and fell for the impulse purchase. Each card has its own fantasy painting. Lots of Grim Reapers and skulls, also dragons and fairies and such. They would be great for Halloween cartomancy.


oooh talk about eye-catching, Laura!

Isn't it great when you find a deck like that! Congrats on snagging it!

I think I want the Karnival Midnight and Shadow decks. The Shadow deck looks a lot like a regular deck for the most part (ok except for the whole black theme!). These decks call for me to read them more than a lot of tarot decks. OOOOH, and it gives me a reason to order NIGHT WATCHMAN, the skull print, from Dark Nature!

THANKS for sharing that deck, LAURA-BOREALIS!

Queen of Disks

All of those are very awesome! I have the Tragic Royalty cards, they had them in Target in the Halloween section a few years ago. I didn't know they glowed under black light though.


Hmmm, Queen of Disks....

Wondering if I could find in local shops for less. Doesn't seem any huge deals on Amazon for the decks I want. I reallllly like the look of a lot of these decks and they do seem more like reading decks than some tarot or oracles I've seen. Not saying not LOTS of great tarot and oracles out there, but these cards just seem like such another genre and like great decks to read from!


Wow!!! I really need to get out more... :D