Playing Cards

Mandy S

Wondering if anyone uses playing cards, if so, what meanings? Just tarot minors, or something more specific to the deck.
Have used cards when without tarot. Used minors meanings, and invented new for jokers.
Any resources available?

Mandy S.


I did playing cards for years....but different system...not like tarot at all. And it isnt online or in a book that I know of either. But on to it even if you cant say the Jack of Swords is....

Havent done it since the Lenormand now either really....


I have...and do. Sometimes the Lack of imagery frees the conscious abilities to see and hear the messages easier. I just read them, but there was a book that was fantastic, I bought it in the 80's...I believe it was simply entitled Fortune Telling with Playing Cards. I'll double check for you tomorrow, as I may have to do a little digging. I'm not up for midnight digging. I'll check when the sun is up, I promise.


There are several systems for reading with playing cards. Right now the only PC deck I use is the Playing Card Oracle deck - not a normal playing card deck, it was made specifically for reading - I love it and use it pretty regularly. The system for reading with this one was thought up by the artist and his daughter.

If I pick up a regular playing card deck these days, I tend to use basic tarot meanings.