Just read BC's review of the Playing Card Oracle here on the Forum, and found this coincidental bit interesting: "Connection is made between the 52 cards in the deck, and the structure of 52 weeks in a year. According to the introduction, playing cards are a perfect reflection of a Fixed Lunar Calendar." Don't 'ya just LOVE it?!?! Yes. I'm thinking the astrological system is the one for me!

Oh yes. I knew this and yes, I think it is pretty neat. And, the four suits I believe represent the four seasons of the year as well.

Thanks Nemia. With my $40/mo. plan for iPhone and no computer, I can only dream about downloading anything :-/ but I did find an interesting system by following celticnoodle's advice: GOOGLE!!! So in this system, the suits are the same as in Tarot (swords/air etc.) but each # is represented by a planet (1/sun, 2/moon, etc.) and each court card is represented by an astrological sign (King of Clubs/Aries, Queen of Clubs/Leo, etc.) Combining planets with elements or sun signs appeals to me somehow. I found a wonderful sight ( which has a great list of key words for both planets and sun signs: ASTROLOGICAL KEYWORD SYSTEM of Analyzing Character and Destiny by J.D.
So I'll be thinking on that...and Meanwhile, I'm off to check out Ana Cortez! Thanks again...

:) I'm glad it helped you. I LOVE GOOGLE! :D I'm going to check into what you found as well. I have Ana Cortez' deck too and book--but haven't looked at it in years. Keep us posted.


Hey EmpyreanKnight! I finally took a look at both of the links you offered so kindly... Awesome material there!!! It should keep me busy and out of trouble for quite some time! I thank you wholeheartedly.


Thanks again celticnoodle... I think cartomancy stands a good chance of becoming a serious interest. If it does, I'll keep you posted for sure...


I like


I dont know if anyone has said this...hedgewitchery wasnt fir me, but...
Before i learnt tarot i practice with playing cards to develope the intuitive side of tarot.


Queen/king self explanatory

No major arcana

Wild card=tower sometimes wheel of fate at least how i was taught.

The numbers in the playing card system meaning was slightly different.
Each number signify something...the suits just tied it to a physical world situation.

So a 2 meant the same in every suit.

If you are into can use the system you like the most to add meaning to the numbers of your playing cards.


Well I'm on a roll now! Thanks magicjack. here I come...!
And interesting about the wild card, CosmicBeing... Am I right in assuming that would be the Joker? And how does one decide between the Tower and the Wheel? I can see I've got a lot of schooling ahead of me (smile)


PS: the hedgewytchery domain is for sale, so I'm assuming it no longer exists, but if you follow the first link that EmpyreanKnight posted on the last page, you'll find some excerpts there. Looking into them now. Thanks again EmpyreanKnight.


Scratch that... Hedgewitchery may have more merit than I originally thought


Nemia and EvaS, I have Dee's book and I find it relevant and helpful. So far his card interps have been pretty much correct, as applied to my readings. :) Plus, he is easy and entertaining to read.