Please help me figure this out - colour and temperature shifting stone


So, I'm usually a very scientific person. But now and then, something happens that I can't simply explain.

This is a site for Tarot, but I heard something about crystals too. So I was hoping anybody could help me with this. I could really use some.

Last night, one of my friends told me something while taking a walk in the woods, he's not one for bulls**t, and his story felt to true to be fake. He told a couple more friends so it wasn't that big of a deal. He told me how a "demon-like" creature haunted both his friend and him, and they way he had gotten rid of it was to feel no fear anymore. A story in which I could go to great detail, but that's for another time. In the same period this happend, both his grandfather and grandmother got Ill.

Now hold in mind that this topic came to discussion completely at random.

We just happened to take a route he hadn't walked in years, (it was dark at the time), the route past his grandmother's house, which he hadn't walked since her death. And he told me something he had never told anyone ever before. He started talk to his grandma about some stuff he couldn't really explain, and she told him she believed in the paranormal too. One day she pulled out this little leather pouch, in it a clear white, perfectly (kind of rounded-off pyramid) shaped stone, which she held in het hands, folded closed. When she opened them, the stone came out pitch black, and my friend was kind of stunned by what he had just seen.

When his grandfather died, he went to see his nana again. With a lady from down the street, suddenly he said to his grandmother; "Granddad is in the room with us." Because he literally saw him standing there. And though the other lady was kind of freaked, his grandmother knew exactly what was going on.

When she eventually passed away too, and he went too her house to sort out stuff, his aunt came up to him and gave him the little pouch. "Grandmother wanted you to have this, I don't know what it is." But he knew. When he opened it and tried to get the stone out, (a perfect clear white again), he put it back immediately, as he literally burned his hands. That never happened again and now he always carries the pouch in a pocket near his heart.

Remember that he never told anyone else (though we aren't even that close friends). I carefully asked if I could see the stone, and he showed me. And I don't believe anyone else but him have held that stone since his grandma, but as soon as he passed it on to me, I got this feeling in my hands, kind of tingling, kind of could, and I could feel some sort of adrenalin pressing again't my chest, and I got a little lost in the moment, before I gave it back again.

And now the stone hasn't got off my mind and I really want, need to know what kind of stone this is. How did it change colour? How did it get so hot? Why him? Why his grandmother? Why me? Is he supposed to do something with it? Will he figure out eventually? Will he learn to do the same thing as his grandma? Does this stone have a power?

I know these are a lot of questions, and this might not be the right place to look for answers. But I really hope someone will have at least an answer to one of these questions, or can tell me where to maybe look for them.

~ Silver02


Several things could be happening here.

The most likely is that this stone has a spirit entity in it. I have held stones that had spirits in them. They feel exactly like that - kind of tingly, warm/cold (depending on the entity), energy rushing up your body. Spirits can get trapped in stone/crystals, or can use them has safe places to go and reside for a while. I have some at home that serve as houses for spirits. In this case, the power isn't in the stone - the power is in the entity within the stone. And the type of stone isn't relevant except that it has to be harmonious with the entity. I suspect that this entity isn't trapped and the stone changes color when it is there.

As for what it wants, it could be that it was a familiar of his Grandmother's that she has passed on. It could be that it is a spirit that she worked with and she is passing this legacy to him.

There are protective circles, with inner circles and triangles, that protect you when talking to spirit. It isn't something for a novice to do alone or without guidance. And unless I feel the energy (so I can get an idea of what this thing is), I would be reluctant to pursue learning about the spirit without these protections. Perhaps he needs to take it to someone who can let him know. I would refrain from working with the Spirit at all until he knows what it is and he is trained and prepared to deal with it.

Another possibility is that she used this stone is a cleanser. His grandmother could have placed her anger, depression, angst, etc. into this stone (which is why it turned dark), then cleansed it out. I know several people who do this. Some use the collected energy to work magic, others just cleanse it from the stone and consider the stone a mechanism to keep themselves clear of energies that hold them back in life. However, these stones generally do not heat up. - they just have that energy rush to them.


Dear ncharge,

Thanks a lot for your early reply and advice.
Though I find it hard to talk about this with him, as we aren't really close friends, and I don't know anybody who could help, I will definitely make sure to tell him.

Which makes me think of something else, and I don't really expect help with this, I wanted to share my thoughts.

So my friend says that whenever her talks about paranormal/supernatural stuff with others he says that he can feel a certain energy, always from the same direction (his left shoulder). He calls them "wachters"==> translate to watchers or guards from Dutch to English. He has a theory that these elements are protecting the paranormal/supernatural world and are watching and listening to conversations about their worlds to see how far you go in things. During our conversation he said he only felt one presence, but he also claims to have experienced a total of nine of them.
But maybe anybody knows more about this.

Thanks a lot
- Silver


The watchers is a good term for this. A Guardian Angel or spirit entity who is there to either:
- protect him as he opens himself up to magical thoughts (he must have a gift for it - a shiny light to spirits)
- guide him like a teacher waiting to be noticed
- watch to see what he does and if he is worthy of additional attention.

If it is primarily one, I would think it is like a spirit guide/teacher. When it is more, I suspect he is correct - they are watching over things. But that doesn't mean they won't help, serving as guides, if he wants it.


Thanks a lot, again :)