Please help!


Ok, a quick questions, has anyone else had to wipe their cards off with a wet wipe?

My eldest is recovering from an upper respiratory virus, and coughing up a storm, I let her look at my cards to encourage her to rest quietly, and she returned them bowed from gripping them too tight, and gobs of mucus on the surfaces of the cards. (sorry, TMI)

I tried wiping them off, but the bowing is still there, and the surfaces have moisture that is clinging to the paper. I noticed some brownish staining on the wipes too, and I am worried that the integrity of the cards are all compromised. I have them laying out on a flannel baby blanket to dry, but I am worried of how I will be able to use them in the future.

Any suggestions for what to do to salvage this fiasco?


Solution was found...

I wiped them off as carefully as I could, and dried them off. Now the cards are safely in their pouch and able to be used.

*whew* Thank goodness... I was crying over the prospect of losing them.