Potential You Spread


i made this spread with the idea of giving myself a better guidance of what direction i need to go in.

The Potential You Spread


1- Where you are right now
2- Where you see yourself in a year
3- Where you have the potential to be in a year
4-6- Steps to take to help you reach your potential
7- Advice on reaching your goal

you can simply throw the spread, which would be a good overall general reading, especially if you have no major goals or struggles going on.

you could choose a card for position 3, if you have a specific goal in mind.

or pick a card for both 2 and 3, if you're struggling and know the goal you need to reach.

if any of the "Steps" are unclear or you would like to improve your ability to reach your ultimate goal. you can simply add cards from the card in question going down from it. i would suggest no more than 1-2 cards though. you want to help clarify not confuse yourself.