PPF Spread has a Replacement!


I've forgotten where read this now, but a couple of days ago Iwas reading a book and it suggested a spread to do is the Past Present Potential spread, instead of the Past Present Future which is often used... I thought this was a great idea, cuz I believe the future is always in motion (I feel a Yoda impression coming on now...) and whatever we do now affects it, so we can change what will happen to us in the future... Cuz of this, I thought that instead of doing the normal Past Presnt Future spread, a spread of Past, Presnt, and 'Potential for the future, based on the path you are currently travelling down'... Y'know... What will happen if you carry on the way you are...

Just thought I'd share this with you...



Good idea.

I've always used (present, advice, outcome of advice). It's simple, more versatile..and I feel it gives the client something to go on. That's why I like the potential...it proves no situation is hopeless.



excellent! thanks for sharing, kiama.

(donning little pointy green ears and clearing her throat...)


That's very interesting, Kiama. I like that idea. I do see what you are saying, Diana...the potential really is like an umbrella covering all the aspects of PPF. But I like that renaming that third card indicated that the future isn't a certainty, it's a possibility. I suppose that if potential didn't work for me I could find another word that conveyed the fact that the future can always be influenced and changed. I guess it's a matter of how someone defines a word. :)